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Sunninghill Snow New Cover

Phaze Books – Cover Artist Alex Kent Whoo Hoo!! Not only has this been an awesome weekend at the box office (300 breaking all records for the month of March), but Sunninghill Snow has a new bookcover and publishing date. It … Continue reading

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It’s Opening Night for 300

Photo from How could the film live up to the hype? Well, after an hour of speechlessness, a fitfull time getting to sleep and a few hours to process, the first word that comes to mind is AWESOME! Honor, Duty, … Continue reading


300 U.S. Red Carpet Premiere

Actor Rodrigo Santoro Signs Autographs Photo by C London Christine Goes Hollywood S’More I Drove on down to the Grumann’s Chinese Theater to catch the arrival of the 300 cast and crew for the U.S. premiere. Warm and windy, I … Continue reading

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Gerard – The Late Late Show and Wondercon

The VES awards were just the beginning of my “Christine Goes Hollywood” fortnight. Hot tickets in hand, I ventured to the CBS studios on Fairfax Blvd to spend the day waiting in the queue to see my principle British muse, … Continue reading


Visual Effects Society Awards Show

“On Our Way To The Awards…My Escort and Me” Photo by C London Seems like whenever I’m inspired to add a new blog, it has something to do with a new experience or place. Well today my friend is no … Continue reading

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