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Dear Frankie – London In Scotland

Colin collected me from the train at Wolverhampton station as the last light of day glowed along the horizon; nothing like a proper Scottish hug in welcome. I imbibed in a drink new to me upon arrival at his quaint … Continue reading

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A London’s Tale – Research for a new novel

So I’ve written about a third of a new novel set in London and have done my research over the internet, as I am alway like to do. There is a chase scene in this tale, one which I carefully … Continue reading

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Sunninghill Afternoon

All Photos by C London For those of you who have not been living under the proverbial rock, at least as far as my writing career goes, you will know that my novel Sunninghill Snow is set in a small … Continue reading

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London and Southward –Friday and Saturday Oct. 5th – 6th

London and Onwards… South So after a recuperative day, a lazy walk through the British Museum and a fast cheese ‘n tomato sandwich on baguette, I jumped on a southbound bus at Victoria Station and made my way through the … Continue reading


London Does London–October 3, 2007

London does London – the first 34 hours ‘ello luvs, So here I am sitting at the only computer in the entire B&B, stealthily typing away. The keyboard is chirping like a bird, betraying my presence to any that might … Continue reading

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West Hollywood Book Faire…quite a day!

West Hollywood Book Fair So I went to the West Hollywood Book Fair Sunday Sept 30th. I don’t mean as a casual reader or lazy Sunday adventurer in search of something to entertain. I went as an author, a participant, … Continue reading

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