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Integrity – Does It Go Out Of Style?

Reflection. A sort of hiccup in time, these twenty-four hours could provide a space to stop and look at what is and is not important– even more meaningful than New Years, more rare- Leap Year.  As an author words are … Continue reading


Some Thoughts On OZ

Maybe it is a conspiracy. Yes…we Americans do love our conspiracy theories. What else could explain the absence of information, the silence of the travelogs and media as to the presence of the incredible wonder of the land of our … Continue reading

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Sydney And Beyond

Simply the most magnificent harbour in the world, Sydney’s diversity of architecture and lifestyles exhibited around its innumerable inlets is like a box of chocolates ( as Forrest would say). You never know what you’re gonna get. (Or what lies … Continue reading


The Great Ocean Road – Melbourne

  A late mid-day start down one of the premiere highways on the planet, we set off from the hotel, spirits high in the warm Aussie summer sunshine. It takes two hours from downtown before we reach the first of … Continue reading

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