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Scotland’s Hottest Actor…

… is rescued from the lonely isolation of fame by an unlikely fan living half a world away. Little does she know he will return the favor when her world is torn apart by tragedy. **** What would you do … Continue reading

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Farewell Dad – What Would You Give for One More Day?

What would you give for one more day with one your loved? Death is nearly always looked upon as cruel, yet when it comes to one who has lived a full rich life and struggled toward the end with a … Continue reading



Is there a reason to separate your creative endeavors into that which you control and that which you do not? Those of us who have discovered our job—our reason for being on the planet, as something requiring that ineffable stream … Continue reading

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One Brief Moment On The Red Carpet

It’s so easy To ignore The dance of interlude What happens in that brief moment When pretense wears thin And eyes meet What happens in the midst of a crowd In the center of ceremony At the party of the … Continue reading

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After The Tsunami

Image by C London The news may call it high wave action, but to locals it was beyond anything they’d ever seen. Tsunami warnings across the Pacific Basin sent thousands scrambling to higher ground. In Redondo Beach, California beach combers … Continue reading

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