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Ready, Set, Fall Reading!

READY, SET, FALL READING! A group of my fellow authors from Awe-struck, Mundania and I were talking not long ago about our different genres and checking out some super reads. In chatting we found out some interesting things about each … Continue reading

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Romantic Venezia

Venice can have many moods, some not friendly to the casual traveler. Some are the most amazing of fantasy worlds. All images in this blog by C London I have been there when it is freezing cold winter with fog … Continue reading


Fall In Love— Hawaii

Hundreds of blog readers have read my travel logs, enjoying words and photos of some of the world’s most beautiful places. Now you can revel in a visceral love letter to… Hawaii. My time in the islands always lures me … Continue reading


Maybe Once Or Twice In A Lifetime

Once or twice in a lifetime you might have the extreme good luck to stumble upon a person whose life and aspirations so closely mirror your own that you are instantly connected. One such person in my life is my … Continue reading


The Eternal City

The Eternal City bakes under a hot July sun. The ruins of antiquity mingle with everyday life. All images on this Rome blog by C London A saxophonist plays an unlikely tune and Segway tourists abdicate their legs in favor … Continue reading


Le Plage-Paris in July

Two years ago I rambled along the Parisian streets, One June Day In Paris the result. July 2011 finds the city of love no less charming, if not more so. Le Plage–the beach—has been sprinkled along a kilometer of the … Continue reading


Doon The Watter and Other Excellent Scottish Adventure

All images on ‘Doon the Watter’ blog By C London Good fortune to have time and wherewithall to spend a lovely day upon the pride of Glasgow’s ocean going steampaddler Waverley– The Clyde’s waterfront in central Glasgow mixes modern with … Continue reading