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Childhood Before The Computer

This morning in that half conscious haze between sleep and wakefulness,  my mind roamed to the town I lived in as a child of  eight to eleven. In the years that have ensued, the world has grown more dangerous, or … Continue reading


To Be or Not – A “Happily Ever After” Question

I have written a book. It is not yet published and still haunts me because of many reasons. It is about a widow unable to move on from her husband’s untimely death. Four years on, Tara still has no answers … Continue reading


Olympus Has Fallen Risen to Recommended

“Olympus Has Fallen is derivative, predictable, heavy-handed and a 
lot of fun.” So says James Verniere of the Boston Herald. When our national security team scrambles to rescue the president and staff from a white house that has fallen to … Continue reading

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Gerard Butler: Does He Like To Interview?

Walking the red carpet leads to lots of camera flashes, but it also requires extemporaneous, quick wit in an interview. Do you think Gerry likes the process? All images taken by C. London at the Olympus Has Fallen Premiere – … Continue reading


Olympus Has Fallen Mix And Match the Stars…

Feast your eyes on the beautiful & handsome faces of the Red Carpet last night at Hollywood’s Cinerama Dome Arc Light. (All images by C London) Mix and match. Tell us the name of each star. A: ___________ B ____________ … Continue reading

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California Dreamin’ – Without a Hitch

Why do there always seem to be calories galore when authors get together? First time events often fall somewhat short of their well meaning designer’s intention. Not so the case last weekend when four Southern California Romance Writers of America chapters … Continue reading


Pancake Race, Pancake Love

Adore Pancakes? Did you know that hundreds of people run headlong through the streets of Britain, fry pan in hand , every Fat (Shrove) Tuesday? Come along for the fun… Pancake Race (aka “Shrove Tuesday”) by Christine London Just released!! … Continue reading

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No One Likes Rejection, But…

… authors receive more than ought to be legal. What is your publishing and/or writing pet peeve and how did you solve it? In short–No reply from a publisher or agent.    The publishing world is in the midst of … Continue reading

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