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What Was The Moment that Most Changed You in 2013?

No matter how your year went personally, and I can attest to having had one that was nowhere near top- ten best, one can benefit to pause and wonder at some of the strides humanity has made within the boundaries … Continue reading

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Twenty Positive Trends That Give Us Hope

Regardless of popular opinion that the world is going to hell, there are strong signs that the caring, the kind and the loving are still the majority. Mainstream news programs feature many daily positive stories. Toy, coat and food drives … Continue reading

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Twenty Most Disturbing Trends of the Year

People that are willing to kill for a few dollars out of a gas station register. Police who use deadly force against an obviously unarmed person when their only crime was making a bad decision or being mentally ill. The … Continue reading

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Something More Than The Holiday Blues

Most of us have low points in our lives. They are, after all, what provide the contrast by which we gauge the highs. Life makes no guarantees and it certainly is seldom fair. Every person you meet has his or … Continue reading

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Is Anyone Else In A Holiday Haze?

The carols on the radio wipe my mind clean of all negativity and dread. What is the magic about this time of year? Not everyone feels that way. Have you ever had a boss that makes the Grinch look warm … Continue reading

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