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“Z” for Zenith

The highest point or culmination – Zenith As we come to the end of this year’s A to Z Challenge, I want to thank those who conceived of this blogger’s event as well as all the minions who manage the … Continue reading

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“Y” is for Yellow

“They call me mellow yellow.” -Donovon Have you noticed that many town’s fire departments have traded in the classic red fire engine for a neon yellow model? Even in low light or at a distance, yellow can be seen better … Continue reading

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Xerophilous – Are You Capable of surviving in a hot dry climate?

Not only am I capable, I absolutely whither in the cold and rain. Actually it is not so much the wet stuff. Rather it is the low light levels day in and out that bring about what has been dubbed … Continue reading

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“W” is for Wanderlust and the Photographer’s Eye – Setting

Dickens and Elliot wrote pages describing setting in their novels. In today’s popular fiction market, readers expect a faster paced, more dialogue-rich read.   HOWEVER…   This does not eliminate the need for rich, visceral experiences that immerse your reader … Continue reading

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“V” for Vindictive

Vindictive is to be- ‘Disposed to or inclined to revenge’ A very human reaction to betrayal. But is it constructive? “Revenge may sometime lead us to harm others in the mistaken conviction that it will benefit us and bring us … Continue reading

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“U” is for Urban – Ugly or Utopia?

The urban lifestyle, like others, has much to recommend it and, things that are less than ideal. My personal preference is the subset–that zone between the roar of the city and the calm of rural setting–suburbia. For a too short … Continue reading


Years to Build, Moments to Destroy (“T” is for…)

The Pyramids? A bridge? Maybe a castle? All of these things can take men many years to complete. An earthquake, tornado or act of terrorism can destroy, but what I am talking about today is more personal. Trust. How does … Continue reading

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“S” is for Sugar

Perhaps the link to culinary happiness, sugar is none the less addictive. Even those of us who do not have an addictive personality are drawn to sugar like no other edible substance. Doctors say sugar is as addictive as cocaine. … Continue reading

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“R” for Resurrection

Christians around the world have just celebrated the most solemn and the most joyous of holidays. Dying, then rising again is miraculous indeed and has brought amazement steeped in dreams since the beginning of time. Who has not lost a … Continue reading


“Q” is for Quake

Those of us who live in earthquake country tend to relegate the fact down the list of things we ponder quite far–especially those of us who have taken care to become trained as Community Emergency Response volunteers and set up … Continue reading

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