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In Time Of Trial, I Wish You Grace

If I could say one word to you in time of fear, trial and waiting… that word would be GRACE: Patience to endure the unknowable. Strength to handle whatever is to come. Wisdom to accept that all things have their … Continue reading

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Mt Hood and Columbia River Gorge

June in Portland Oregon region is warm and tender apple green as life bursts forth toward the summer. Azaleas, roses and rhododendrons show off their finery. Wildflowers dot roadsides; statuesque foxglove spears the swaying grass.   Foliage drifts on the … Continue reading

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Yikes–I Think I Have Turned Into a ‘Grandma’

  My kids have not had children—yet, but recently I have noticed the definite signs of Grandmother-dom. Kids have flown the coup and dang it, I am not yet blessed with human grandchildren. The silence would be deafening—if not for … Continue reading

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