Best Summer Reading Blog Tour EVER!

Welcome my dear peeps to an eight week journey of love.  Special authors wait in the wings to share some time with you. Maybe you know them, maybe you are about to discover the author and read of a lifetime.

Each week there will be opportunity to win a PRIZE if you answer the easy peesy questions posed at each blog stop (write your answer in the comment sections to be entered)

This week’s prize is One PRINT — ARC (Advance Review Copy) of Lisa Jackson’s Aug 1, 2012 release “You Don’t Want To Know” Amazon link for more info:


Two years ago, Ava’s two-year-old son Noah went missing, and his body has never been found. Ava has spent most of the past two years in and out of Seattle mental institutions, shattered by grief and unable to recall the details of Noah’s disappearance. Now she’s back at the family estate she once intended to restore to its former grandeur. But as Ava’s mind comes back into focus, her suspicions grow. Ava can’t shake the feeling that her family and her psychologist know more than they’re saying. Unwilling to trust those around her, Ava secretly visits a hypnotist to try and restore her memories. But the strange visions and night terrors keep getting worse. Ava is sure she’s heard Noah crying in the nursery, and glimpsed him walking near the dock. Is she losing her mind, or is Noah still alive? Ava won’t stop until she gets answers, but the price may be more than she ever thought to pay…


One PDF download of Christine London’s latest and winner of 100 Romance’s Best of the Year – When We Were Amazing Amazon link for more info:


Aussie wine heir Bryan Lassiter wanted nothing more than to be a self made man. When online love Carrie Sorrell flies half way round the globe to visit him, she’d no idea his magnetism would erase both their fourteen-year age difference and her common sense. As fate and a powerful family collide to tear them apart, will she have the strength to let him go or will it be the secret she’s so carefully protected that destroys them?

QUESTION THIS WEEK TO ANSWER IN MY COMMENT SECTION: What is the name of the island in Christine London’s Hawaiian island set fun, hot beach read, Reluctant Companions? ( Visit’s books pageto find the answer)

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During this, the first week, we are sharing a bit about ourselves and an excerpt from one of our beloved works by way of ‘how do you do’.

My first guest, Sue Roebuck…


author image from Sue Roebuck

… was born and educated in the UK but now lives in Portugal with her husband.

She’s  taught at various colleges and institutions in Portugal and has an interest in dyslexia that started with a discussion over lunch with a colleague.

Nowadays she’s mostly occupied with writing.

Sue has traveled widely through The States and believes that “being born American is like winning the lottery of life” 🙂


Welcome Sue!

Thank you for inviting me today, Christine!

Question: Do you have a favorite character you have written? Who and why?

Sue: It has to be Sam from “Perfect Score”. This is what one of my reviewers, Lena Grey, said (she sums him up better than I can): Life knocked him down so much that anyone of lesser moral quality would have given up, but not Sam. Every time he’s knocked down he rises like the Phoenix from the ashes. Sam’s an amazing combination of strength, intelligence, gentleness and forthrightness; in the face of injustice, whether for a person or an animal, Sam’s there on his white horse ready to do battle.

Question: Who was the toughest character for you to “get right”?

Sue: It has to be the demon Slater in “Hewhay Hall”. He’s a creature who’s seen differently depending on who’s looking at him. He personalizes himself to whatever your fantasy is. But he does have a proper physical appearance that is too horrible to write here J

Question: What do you find the hardest part of writing?

Sue: Because I’m an absolute pantser (flying by the seat of my pants) it means that I write myself into plot corners and need all my imagination to write myself out of them. I really don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing, but it opens up a whole new world of discovery. My first novel, “Perfect Score” has twelve different versions thanks to my tendency to change things half way through. However, having said all that, when I begin I do know where my story’s set, who the main characters are, and how the story is supposed to end, even if that does often go awry.

Question: Name one thing that your readers would be surprised to know about you.

Sue: I’m British and I live in Portugal. My husband’s Portuguese so I have dual nationality. And I’m totally addicted to doing Sudoku and Codeword puzzles.

Question: What is the most recent novel you have read that you would recommend?

Sue: “The Man Who Rained” by Ali Shaw. It’s set in a backwater (probably in the UK) in a place called Thunderstown where the weather comes to life. The plot’s an amazing concept of imagination.

Question: What is in the wings for your readers to look forward to?

Sue: Perfect Score was set in the US; Hewhay Hall in the UK. My new work is set in Portugal and is about injustice – a regular theme in my novels. In this suspense story, there’s a female bullfighter who struts arrogantly about the pages until you want to thump her!

Question: Where can readers find you?




EXCERPT from Hewhay Hall:

Hewhay Hall

Book Cover image from author

The Cross-Keys Pub was not the comfy and warm snug that romantic tourists dream about. No fire crackled in a welcoming hearth; no frequent customers kept their own personalized tankards above the bar. No carpet adorned the grease-impregnated, creaking floorboards, and the publican was no ever-attentive, apple-cheeked individual polishing glasses. He was as indifferent to his customers as he was to the cobwebs dangling from the liquor bottles on the shelves behind him. Sunken eyes in a cadaverous face darted everywhere but at Jude, who perched on one of the hard wooden bar stools.

“You mean the phone’s out of order too?” Jude asked, frustration at the lack of signal on his cell phone and now this new information making his voice high with disbelief.

For a long moment, the publican didn’t budge from resting his elbows on the bar, and his expression didn’t change until a light sparked in his otherwise dull eyes. He glanced at the public phone in the corner and shrugged his shoulders to show it was dead too.

Buy links: Hewhay Hall:

Barnes and Noble

Perfect Score: Amazon


Book Cover image from author

Thanks for sharing, Sue!

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