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Book Display S.F. Borders Union Square

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Union Square by Night - San Francisco

Image by C London

San Francisco’s Union Square is magic at twilight. The stores surrounding the square are class, lights glowing through the windows replete in expensive clothing and goods. The Borders Books is a multi story facade, windows overlooking the bustling streets below. When standing on the fourth floor one can look down on Powell street and watch the cable cars chugging up the hill, pedestrians strolling to the serenade of Saint Francis hotel’s doormen hailing cabs.

As sun sets and the work day’s over, people funnel below ground to BART subway home or stop in a bar for a drink. It was this time of day that we five authors arrived at the flagship store of the Borders chain for a panel discussion and book signing. Author of lushly sensual sweet romance, Joann Smith Ainsworth, premiere writer of supernatural romance, Patricia Simpson, historical and paranormal authoress Carolyn Jewel and award winning author of sexy romances Rachelle Chase spoke of not only the basic structure of a writing career, but the genre approach to writing. Christine acted as moderator and led the panel through questions that ranged from their specific road to publication, to individual style, to the many challenges and rewards inherent in the business. The audience had both serious and fun questions, laughter being the theme as we enjoyed each other’s company.

Borders San Francisco Union Square Panel

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The day before Valentines Day three of the same five participants made our way to the east bay town of Fremont and the Borders store located in the hub central to the largely bedroom community. The store manager had set up a table of goodies, coffee and large section of the floor dedicated to the special weekend of love.

Borders Fremont set up

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Romance as the largest segment of the popular fiction market need not convince its readers that year round, the best balance to a world of recession and despair is a story to uplift, inspire and entertain.

Three of the same five panelists returned, Joann, Patricia and Christine as moderator. Two new members added their take on the Young Adult/inspirational market (Shelley Adina) and Rita Award winner erotic romance author Jasmine Haynes added new electricity to this panel of highly charged authors. Not only did the chairs fill with those who came from across the area to hear, but shoppers in the store gathered around the perimeter listening to our tales of publication and fiction based characters that have hooked audiences across the country. Each author described her work offered that day as well as upcoming projects. Attendees lined up afterwards to chat and take home copies for themselves and loved ones.

Borders Fremont panel

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Romance made 1.4 billion dollars in sales in 2008 and is the singular genre experiencing continuing growth during these tough economic times. It is the top performing category on the New York Times, USA Today and Publisher’s Weekly best sellers list and is read by an estimated 74.8 million people a year nationwide according to Romance Writers of American—the professional organization that advocates and enriches the environment of all popular fiction. Smart, fresh and diverse, small wonder the public can’t get enough.

Borders Fremont, Author panel signs

Image By C London

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