Against the Current

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e-ISBN: 978-1-59426-809-0

Against the Current: Hero and villain are pitted against each other in a heart pounding rescue mission gone wrong. Grant Cooper, head pilot of an H-65 helicopter out of Coast Guard Air Station San Francisco, is the man in control of his life. Or so he thinks until an emergency endangers his ex-lover’s life. Julie MacKinnon couldn’t suffer Grant’s command. One sinking vessel, four surly smugglers and a breech in regulations shake them to the core. Can he save her and his crew in time without sacrificing himself?

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Mini-synopsis: Grant Cooper is England’s finest. He’s on a four-year tour of duty as an exchange flight officer to the United States Coast Guard. Always the man in control, he’s the model of the perfect Search And Rescue pilot.It’s not command that Julie MacKinnon fancies. She dumped him once in protest. After all, there are enough constraints in her life as an Emergency room nurse and volunteer Coast and volunteer Coast Guard Auxiliary crewwoman.When fate throws the two back together in the middle of a heart pounding emergency, will Grant be able to put the requirements of his position aside long enough to save his crew and their love?


“Ooohh, “Against the Current” has it all, even men in uniform with a sexy accent. This fast paced story will keep you wondering what will happen next. “Against the Current” also has a kick ass, over achiever heroine that we would all like to be. For a quick read when you need your sexy men in uniform fix, you will want “Against the Current”. ~ Tanya

“Action packed, hot and sexy and just watching as Julie and Grant love hard and fight even harder is enough to make your blood start pounding. Giving us a look into the lives of the Coast Guard, and SAR, a reader gets to appreciate what the men and women in this branch of the service give to us each and every day. This book is without a doubt a keeper.” ~simplyromancereviews ~ Melissa

“…it was almost as if I was standing on the boat during the rescue and hiding in the background when they faced their next encounter. I was spellbound visualizing the forceful danger they must face.” ~ theromancestudio ~ Brenda Talley

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