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Reluctant Companions

The whisper of leaves still muted by the heaviness of rain, hummed in subtle accompaniment to the distant rumble of waves. She paused, drawing in the rich complexity of aromas carried on the freshly scrubbed air.

“Grrrrrrr…” split the serenity. Her breath caught, a sliver of ice sliding down her spine. “What the hell?” she whispered. The low rumble continued. It sounded like a dog the size
of a four by four. No, it had to be bigger than that. A bear? Some wild animal, for sure. Her flesh went cold.

“Chchchchchcoooo chchchcaaaaa” in throaty, Hebraic consonants, and at a volume so outrageous her ears seemed to crack into shards.

She bolted toward the doorway like a sprinter starting an Olympic event. Her impact against a large body just inside the shadow of the bungalow knocked her to the floor.


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