When We Were Amazing

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e-ISBN:  978-1-927361-08-5

 When tragedy nearly destroys Brian’s family wine business, can this reluctant young heir forfeit his dreams and online love?

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Mini-synopsis: Aussie wine heir Bryan Lassiter wanted nothing more than to be a self made man. When online love Carrie Sorrell flies half way round the globe to visit him, she’d no idea his magnetism would erase both their fourteen-year age difference and her common sense. As fate and a powerful family collide to tear them apart, will she have the strength to let him go or will it be the secret she’s so carefully protected that destroys?

Reader Reviews:

“Christine London’s When We Were Amazing blew me away. It’s a heart wrenching story about two people who…” Entire review by Sue Lyndon  (5 stars)

 Cover by Delilah Stephans, for Muse Publishing

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