Burbank Celebrates Its Centennial

A warm sunny Saturday afternoon is just perfect for a book festival.

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The day before Mother’s Day brought out many families to the Buena Vista Branch of Burbank Library in the center of the area that hosts television and film studios. Gratifying to see there are such enthusiastic folks that know a good read when they see one.

Los Angeles Romance Authors, Sisters In Crime, Screenwriters and more than one hundred Burbank authors were on hand. Three panels provided opportunity for booklovers to interact and learn about the publishing world in all its variety. Electronic books, self published, small press and New York published were all represented. Aspiring authors added their zest for success to a day that will be long remembered. Burbank celebrated love of the written word and their centennial with lots of fun for all.

Jennifer Haymore & Christine London (behind Christine Ashworth, Dayle Dermatis & Charlene Sands of Los Angeles Romance Authors ‘LARA’)


(back, L>R)Anne Kemp,Robin Bielman, Suzanne Lazear,Dayle Dermatis, Christine Ashworth (front L>R)Jennifer Haymore, Charlene Sands, Christine London

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4 Responses to Burbank Celebrates Its Centennial

  1. Looks great! How was the panel? Did you get lots of questions? Did you interact with more fans or aspiring writers?

  2. We were first 'on' for the panel so people trickled in as we began (a bit hard to find the room we were in I think). We had an even number of men and women–nice to see, and a number of questions about self publishing as well as 'to pen name or not to pen name'. Most seemed to be aspiring writers. Some general readers and our family/LARA supporters as well. Only forty five minutes did not leave much time for Q&A unfortunately (this panel is usually 60 -90 minutes.) With eight members there was just enough time to talk a bit about each of our (sub) genres, why we were drawn to it and a bit about agents/the road to publication before five minutes of questions.For a first time event, it was well organized with lots of enthusiastic folks in attendance. We signed books outside in the breezy bright day afterwards–three more panels after us.Would have loved to have you there Carol!:)Christine

  3. Sorry I missed it – sounds like a good event! Would love to get something like this organized at my local library. My library does have a book fair, but hasn't had a romance panel yet…. I need to get on that!

  4. Ye look a wee cracker, hen. Its awffi nice in doon toon L.A.

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