Cait The Cat Burglar

I have often mused about what it would be like to stealth into a dangerous situation. One of the beautiful things about the imagination is that you never have to make it reality. Yet it can and does get the heart pumping and stomach quaking.

It was just such a fantasy that set me to writing about an everyday girl who gets caught up into a very dangerous pursuit. A waitress by day, Cait would never have dreamed she would be wearing black and sneaking into a posh condo complex set on breaking and entering. What could possibly have caused her to set aside her scruples and take such a chance?


Announcing the birthday of the next short story in the popular 55 Portobello road series:


When Cait the cat burglar is hired to steal the musical charts from a local posh condo she’s no idea whose work she is after. Darren Holt is the king of the Indie Pop music world. How can one raven haired waitress turn him upside down?


I can feel the sweat beading at my hairline just thinking about it…

 A ‘Steal’ *wink* at 99 cents- an Amazon exclusive e-book short story


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