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Candy? Yes, eye candy! What draws you?

That’s right – yummy sweets; delicious,  tempting and forbidden – all the makings for a good case of guilt. You know you want some. Let’s see what’s in that cookie jar,  together!

Caloric delight or tempting men…

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Favorite of all time- Sees Candy. Butterscotch Squares, Bordeaux, Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries, Dark Chocolate Covered Vanilla Creams, Vanilla Nut Fudge Cream, Mochas, Coconut Cream, Chocolate Covered Caramels, Tipperary—yummm…I am fantasizing!


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Free read – a tasty bite of sweet

In a Second

What is it about a dog’s eyes that pulls me in? Those brows that peak and wane, a furtive glance about the room or ten, those big brown gems melting my heart.


Not fuzzy as a dog, but not that far behind either. Brows roughly the equivalent of a Basset hound’s, chocolate brown irises large as a Yorkie’s—

“Snap out of it, Grace.”

My heart leapt. Sylvia’s voice sent me nearly through the…oh. I’m outside. I sent a glance to the puffy clouds racing across the spring sky. “No ceiling.”

“What?” Sylvia’s mouth dropped open like a goldfish. She shook her head. “Your computer won’t stop beeping. Will you just call him already?”


Sylvia sighed. “Six foot nothing, brown scruffy hair, puppy dog eyes?”

“See? Even you see it.” I leapt to my feet, wobbling just a bit in momentary disorientation. Sylvia grasped my arm.
“Have you been drinking?”

I looked into her beady blue eyes made large by the refraction of her too small glasses. “Really? It’s ten a.m.” Pulling from her grasp, I ran up the concrete steps of the old brownstone and into our ground floor flat. Mitzy meowed in protest as I nearly crushed her against the back of the upright piano. Her pumpkin striped tail disappeared behind the sofa.

“Sorry girl,” I said, distracted by another tweet from Moses. No, not the old guy from the bible—my 1994 computer.

Poking the space bar, I grimaced. “Please wake up Moses.” The screen brightened, flickered, then went dark.

“DSL piece of—”

The screen brightened again, Face-Space page illumining. I dropped my gaze from the page top, to the dialogue box, bottom right.

‘Where have you been?’ ‘Hello?’ ‘Possibly the most boring film ever made.’ The string of comments disappeared into the past-life scroll at the top of the window.

“What film?” I poked at the down arrow key.

“Just call him.” Sylvia had followed me into the flat. She was in fact a cross between my mother and a puppy, so what else did I expect?

I began my retort, “That would be—”

“Something a woman living in the twenty first century would do?” Sylvia’s habit of finishing my sentences did nothing to disarm the explosive tension building in my chest.

“Pleeze, Sly. You know I can’t afford one of those smart phones.”

“Then use mine.” She thrust her android whatcha-ma-call-it into my face.

The shiny black rectangle of Sly’s phone suspended in front of me, I pulled in a lungful of patience and took it from her.

“Just slide the lock bar to the left.”

“Yeah, yeah.” I turned away from her, using my back as a blackout screen from her prying eyes. Running into the kitchen, I slid my finger across the bottom of the phone screen. It came to life with—

“Oh my Go…sh,” the breath caught in my throat. There before me in full colour…”Richard”. I breathed his name more than spoke it.

Max’s deep bark reached me a nano second before the weight of him knock me into the bentwood back of the kitchen chair.

“Owe.” My forehead hit the rail, tears immediately springing to my eyes as I crashed to the black and green speckled linoleum.

“Jeez, Grace.” Sly’s voice accompanied me on my way to the floor. “Are you okay?”

Phone still in hand, crushed more tightly in my grasp than spanks on my chubby sister, I rolled to a sitting position as though I’d planned the tumble. Richard’s image followed me, face still illuminating the entire screen of the phone.

“I love you.” The words escaped me before I could think them through.

The truth. Damn it. I do love him.

And this is only May.

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  1. Mary says:

    Okay, I might be getting long in the tooth, but the photos jump-started my morning. Between that and the large mug of Kick Ass coffee (yes, that really is its name) this dame is ready for action.

    Love your website. Thank you for visiting mine and leaving a comment. When I have finished my opening paras for the Gilded River Chronicles, I’m going to check out your books.


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