Celebrity Canine Gone ‘Chuck It’ One Warm Santa Barbara Saturday

Wet sand exploding from beneath pounding paws, celebrity canine, Malvern, of Santa Barbara’s District Attorney victim’s comfort program trotted down a local private beach last eighty degree Saturday afternoon with his girlfriend Kiki London.

Seen chasing an orange chuck-it ball, witnesses say Malvern took the lead in both ball retrieval and surf dancing.

Handler/caretaker/owner, Attorney Donna Crawford, is allowed to accompany celebrity Malvern to the D.A.’s office Mondays through Fridays in support of his priceless service to victims of violent crime, the bereaved, witnesses and anyone who can benefit from a warm puppy hug.

Crawford spent two weeks in Oceanside, at her own expense, training to work with Malvern. She also pays all the costs for Malvern’s care and upkeep, costing the D.A.’s office nothing, adding immeasurably to human healing. Crawford works primarily as a research attorney. Malvern sleeps in a bed near her desk when he’s not working with victims and witnesses. It appears as though Malvern is going to need some extra nap time after this weekend’s cavorting.

A rare wavy coated black golden retriever/Labrador mix, Canine Companion Malvern turns heads and sets mouths to wagging everywhere he goes, from Santa Barbara’s trendy State Street to starring in newscast footage and print articles locally and nationally. Fans say his choice of blonde girlfriend might be cliche, yet insiders attest to two year old Miss Kiki’s gentle personality and playful nature as overshadowing her classic slim curvaceous figure. Owned by fiction author Christine London, Miss Kiki lives two hours from Santa Barbara in south bay Los Angeles, making this canine couple an even more unlikely hot commodity.

Weekdays  three year old Malvern provides support needed by those dealing with emotional, physical, and psychological issues. He gives comfort and strength to victims, allowing them to take the stand, give testimony and begin their healing process.

“This dog was raised to love — Malvern has a calming effect on not only the victims but also on our staff of secretaries and attorneys alike,” said D.A. Joyce Dudley.

Such a guy deserves only the best in his private life.

Gooooo Malvern!

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7 Responses to Celebrity Canine Gone ‘Chuck It’ One Warm Santa Barbara Saturday

  1. Kady Winter says:

    Ooh la la! A handsome guy with a heart of gold. Miss Kiki’s gonna have competition, though seems she’s the whole package herself.

  2. Heather Fraser Brainerd says:

    Now this is the kind of celebrity reporting I like to see. Well done, Christine!

  3. Great post, Christine. Love dogs and these two seem to be extra special. In a former life I was an elementary school principal. A group PAWS across Texas visited our school once a month. Any teacher who signed up got to have a visit from a canine pal. Wonderful times for all. The organization used our site for their annual “auditions” for new pups. Super good people and pups who helped out a lot of folks.

    • christinelondon says:

      Sounds like a wonderful program too, Marsha. I wish our national culture was more welcoming of canines–as is the European culture. There, well behave canines are welcome almost anywhere people frequent. These companions provide a wonderful sense of calm and love so sorely needed by so many.

      • Christine I’ve found the northeast and the north west seems to be more accepting than here in the center of the country. People walk their dogs. They go into restaurants and stores. In Texas, unless it’s a service dog, we just don’t see that much. Didn’t realize that about Europe.

  4. Rosalie Ash says:

    What a heart-warming story. Here in the UK we are dog-lovers, and have Guide Dogs for the Blind and dogs who are trained to help disabled people cope with their day to day living. In France, they are besotted with dogs – we’ve seen owners take them into restaurants and sit them at the table, and put food on a plate for them. No, seriously! 🙂

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