Christine (London) In Progress

After a weekend that included blood, sweat and tears,( no, literally)– my website is now hack-free and the “Christine In Progress News & More” sign up is ‘live” and operational!

Those more tech savvy friends may not understand the anguish of we who populate the learning curve battle field inherent in even the most innocuous looking sites. My WordPress, Go Daddy and MailChimp tech helpers are probably talking about the crazed woman who thought the sun would not set when her site displayed a ‘fatal error’ message on all pages and posts. On second thought–they probably have had to talk potential tech-challenged jumpers from office skyscraper ledges and suspension bridges—daily, so my calls and emails were most likely taken in stride as just another day at the office.

*wipes sweat from brow and blows nose*

Tah dah dah dah—

You are invited to the updated website of your friend and humble author, Christine London, at and are cordially requested to sign on for “Christine In Progress News & More”. If nothing else you’ll have a good chuckle should I fall on my virtual face again.

I titled my new writing effort “Christine In Progress” for a reason. This seeming spit and polish struggling author is not ‘all that’. She gets up every morning and faces the great unknown of tech challenges and the spine tingling fear of a blank screen on the word doc of her work in progress, with fortitude and nerves.

For every cool looking photo from a fun or exotic local, there are heart breaking rejections from potential publishers, few and far between downer review from a reader that did not ‘see the light’ quite like the majority, or blooper moments in my ‘real’ life. Like last night, I was on my a** in a blink after stepping in unseen hole at the park while walking the dogs. Ouch! and so not graceful.

Hey, but I remind myself that I am truly “Christine In Progress”. Tomorrow is another chance to get it right and take some baby steps forward toward the goal of entertaining, inspiring, educating and/or uplifting my friends.

…Or maybe just walk down the street without tripping.

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4 Responses to Christine (London) In Progress

  1. Marie Miller says:

    Wonderful blog Christine (London) in Progress… don’t feel so bad. I am still working on my website and trying to figure out what needs to go on a blog…lol. Trying to follow directions on posting and downloading etc. etc. is way-out-of-my-control! Like you, I’m just taking baby steps because I’ll be damned if simple steps are going to weigh me down. Computer Help 101 – where are you? lol
    Hope you’re feeling ok!
    Hugs – Marie/MaliPua

    • christinelondon says:

      Thanks for your support, Marie. Hang in there my fellow tech challenged gal! And thanks–I am feeling better now that my site is back up and running :)

  2. There is one heck of a learning curve when it comes to all these things that we have to do to promote our work. I’m pretty adept with technology related things and even I find some of it baffling. There’s so much to KNOW and.. you never know what you don’t know!

    Congrats on the new, shiny site free of fatal errors. :)


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