“Covered In Bees” – What is IT about Eddie Izzard?

“Covered in Bees”….

“Cake or Death”…

Stage of the 1930's built Fox Theater, Bakersfield CA- set for Eddie Izzard Force Majeure Performance

Stage of the 1930’s built Fox Theater, Bakersfield CA- set for Eddie Izzard Force Majeure Performance

“Evil Giraffe”…


Just a few beloved phrases from the unconventional mind of British Comedian Eddie Izzard are well known by his fans.


My daughter introduced me to him via DVD. I definitely did not ‘get him’ at first. In my usual rush about, I had not paid close attention to the ravings of this self proclaimed “executive transvestite”. Dressed in flamboyant colours, high heels and ‘Fabulous Makeup’, Eddie nonetheless has an unlikely allure with women that rivals much more standard macho. Woven into the halarity Eddie educates us about what and what not it means to be a transvestite. Straight and ‘fancying women’ every bit as much as matching lipstick and nail polish, the Izzard of old strutted about the stage with the boisterous aplomb of a whole classroom of kindergartners. These days he dresses down, more standard male with a few deviations, while maintaining the extravagance and energy of his former glitz.


Born Edward John Izzard, Feb 7, 1962 to British parents working for BP in the Colony of Alden – southern bit of contemporary Yemen, his family moved back to the UK when Eddie was one. He did not begin toying with comedy until leaving an accountancy program at the University of Sheffield, honing his skills as a street performer in London in the 1980s. In the early 1990s he finally began earning some measure of recognition through his improvisation, in part at his own club “Raging Bull” in Soho. T.V. , theatrical and film credits followed, demonstrating the wide range of this man’s talents.

Eddie’s idea of normal is that it does not exist. His thoughts border on the bizarre and tend to hop about like a rabbit in a shooting gallery. Innuendo and subtly a hallmark of his musings, Eddie tweaks history and pop culture into what amounts to quite an intellectual coloring book.

His rendition of a James Mason-voiced God leads us on a broad sweeping romp through the Bible not unlike a child’s wondrous perception. Heavily laced with satire, it cuts deep without offending simply because it is so far-out amusing. Taking on various roles by turning his body, Eddie engages in unlikely conversations between real and imagined characters in a fast paced stream of consciousness that rivals the late Robin Williams.


No stranger to using his celebrity for good, Eddie ran forty three marathons in fifty one days, sans prior long distance running experience, as fundraiser for the U.K. Charity, Sport Relief . ( brings together the worlds of sports and entertainment to raise money to help vulnerable people in both the UK and the world’s poorest countries.) Whether performing in intimate venues or in front of thousands at venues as large as L.A.’s Nokia, and London’s Wembley Stadium, Eddie draws in his audience as we follow the bounding ball of his thoughts through what would be chaos to  less intelligent souls. Perhaps that is a large part of the magnetism—his razor wit. Not unlike the intelligent acuity of talk show host Dick Cavette, Eddie’s musings require attention closely paid, but well rewarded as he leads us from the seeming mundane to the glorious.


Izzard’s Force Majeure world tour had its latest play at the 1930’s Fox Theater in Bakersfield California on the evening of June 11.

Fox Theater Bakersfield 1 Fox Theater Bakersfield

Seen dashing into the street to snap a photo of the theatre marquee, Izzard in skin tight acid wash jeans and five inch stilettos bounded back to the curb and through the theater side door thirty minutes before patrons were allowed inside. Hair in a blonde cut ala Peter O’Toole in Lawrence of Arabia, high energy Eddie performed his benchmark rambling whimsical monologues for over an hour, returning for a second half nearly as lengthy. Time flies when listening to the man in full silky tuxedo-like suit and high heel boots. Dubbed ‘the lost Python’, Eddie’s self refererential physical comedy included a rendition of a horse doing dressage into a closet. (Why else would a mammal do something so completely unmammilian?), an explanation of why the English language is so ‘easy peasy lemon squeezy’ to learn, political reference to the tea party and being not unlike Charles the first before he was beheaded – ‘setting humankind back, you know’ and a German rendition of nailing two squirrels covered in gravy to the back of a truck.


Eddie has a fascination with languages springing from his belief that true communication with people across cultures occurs best in their own tongue. At an off-the-cuff post show Q&A in the lobby of the theater, Izzard credited his father and brother for his love of history- brother graduating in history “A-1” degree from English university.

Eddie Q & A Bakersfield

He is presently learning Spanish, Arabic, with a side of Russian to further enhance his ability to reach out to other peoples. In July 2003, Izzard received an honorary Doctorate of Letters from the University of East Anglia, Norwich, for “pro-Europe campaigning”, “his contribution to promoting modern languages and tolerance of other cultures and lifestyles” and for having “transcended national barriers” with his humour.


Izzard is continuing his Force Majeure tour, which launched in November of 2013 and will see him through twenty seven countries. Yet to perform and more info:

( http://www.eddieizzard.com )

June 13th

Vegas Pearl Theatre


SacramentoCommunity Center Theatre


Santa RosaWells Fargo Theatre

18th, 19th & 20

San Francisco Golden Gate

22nd & 23rd

San JoseCalifornia Theatre

25th, 26th


27th & 28th

Portland Keller Auditorium


Boise Morrison Theatre



Salt Lake City J.Q. Lawson Capitol Theatre



Lenox, MA, USATanglewood – Koussevitzky Music Shed


New Haven, CTSCSU


Providence, RI The VETS


New HampshireHampton Beach Casino Ballroom


Port Chester, NYCapitol Theatre



Red Bank, NJ Count Basie Theatre



Versailles La Royale Factory

Tout en Français



LilleLe Spotlight

Tout en Français




BrusselsCC Uccle

Tout en Français



ParisLe Casino de Paris

Tout en Français



LyonLe Rideau Rouge

Tout en Français



NiceLa Comédie de Nice

Tout en Français



Aix-en-ProvenceThéâtre La Fontaine d’Argent

Tout en Français



MarseilleLe Quai du Rire

Tout en Français



MontpellierLe Kawa Théâtre

Tout en Français



ToulouseLa Comédie de Toulouse

Tout en Français



NantesLa compagnie du Café Théâtre

Tout en Français



BoulogneThéâtre de la Clarté

Tout en Français


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