Do Characters Haunt You?

Today I am fortunate to have a book reviewer as guest on my blog. Readers and authors just love reviewers because they help all of us out so very much. It’s a treat to welcome Angie Dobson from York, Pennsylvania. Angie was born and raised in West Virginia moving to Pennsylvania at a young age – where she finally found her roots. She is a new mother, wife and full time office manager. Most often Angie can be found with a book in her hand, or the baby! Sometimes lately she has found herself searching for answers on how to stretch her time into more hours to read, but it will always be one of her favorite past times. Angie has been reviewing for more than a decade and has her home with Love Romances and More ( for the past nine. Reviewing is part of who she is, Angie gives opinions and finds new authors regularly. She writes reviews for Love Romance & More

“The Character That Haunted Me”

I am frequently haunted by characters – sometimes I think they live with me… For me the best book is the one that stays in my head long after I close the cover. I find myself creating my own scenarios when I can’t have a book in my hand… Every now and again I think I need to write my own novel, just to get them out of head and into someone else’s! I would love to be a character creator, however I find myself mentally simply building on others plots and stories.

I am currently reading Kate White’s SO PRETTY IT HURTS and I have to admit her characters are my current haunts – I am finding myself wondering about the main character in the series Bailey Weggins – I want her to come live next door!! A character that dies early in the story seems to want to come into my daydreams as well – who killed her? Why? These stories are laying on my mind quite a bit…

Book Cover from

I guess for me the characters that haunt me tend me to be whoever is in my current read. Others have been with me for years – ever go looking for the answer to something and find yourself thinking, what would Nancy Drew do?


Here’s the virtual road to other wonderful author participants. What kind of character hauntings are going on over there? I hear they have a prize at the end of the yellow brick blog trail *wink* Remember to comment at each blog to be entered!

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