Five Steps to Making What Might Look Like the End, Just the Beginning


Lemons into Lemoncello

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Darkness Into Light

Dawn at the horizon

Never looked so bright


On life’s inevitable roller coaster, there’s bound to be those bottom outs. They usually happen as the culmination of a gentle incline, but any coaster rider will tell you, it is the stomach-in-your-mouth, life threatening drop after the chain grinding vertical rise that evoke most terror.–and potential.


How do you recover after such a drop? After the screaming is over, you gasp. You take a lung filling breath. Eyes wide open, grateful to have survived, you look forward to what comes next. A furtive glance to the companions at your side, a momentary self congratulatory sigh and it’s back to navigating the world ahead.

But the landscape has changed.

“T’aint over til it’s over.”

Life’s coaster has not entered the terminal station. Whew. There are twists, curves, soaring heights and  gooseflesh-prickling drops ahead. How do you get back to center–on even tracks?

One- Slow down, pay attention, quiet the mental clatter and breathe. Tune back to your essence. Remember what makes you–you.

Two- Be kind to yourself. This process can no more be rushed than the vegetables in the garden can be convinced to grow faster. The nurturance is kindness.  Give yourself a break. Allow yourself to heal. Now is not the time to try to conform to anyone’s expectations. Give yourself permission to reconnect to that tune that plays in your head–the melody of happiness that leads you to the things. places and people that uplift. What tugs at your heart? Allow yourself to experience it. You need the salve to heal the emotional and physical wounds just past.

Three- Hone in on the powerful. Ask yourself what might be learned from the drop? What happened to me that I might feel good about? Was it a change of heart, perspective, gratitude? It is true that our perceptions create our reality. This process and now are the perti dish of a positive life ahead.

Four- Give yourself permission to live a full happily ever after. Not trying is failing. Begin to look for ways to come back to the table of life…and pursue them. Fear not failure for it is in blunders that true wisdom is cultivated.

Five- Avoid trying to be someone else’s ‘perfect’. None of us are, so set out to find and apply what works for you in this new landscape. See your life shift in the new direction you seek with improved clarity, courage steeped in gratitude and the wisdom that you are more than a survivor.

ID-100279860You have chosen  to thrive.


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