“I” is for Ice Cream

It’s day Nine of the A-Z Blog Challenge, thus the letter:


It’s eight thirty in the morning and I am indulging in a coffee ice cream sundae with caramel (there’s that “C” word again) and chocolate sauce. I’d like to say this is a first, but truth be known I have opened the freezer and scooped a dish of my favorite flavour so many times in my mind that the images of that gooey sauce drizzling over soft mounds of cafe o’ perfect could fill Dodger Stadium.

*see how suggestible I am. Opening day was last week*

Until today, I have never written a blog about Ice Cream. So, it seemed the exact right moment to give into my ice cream fantasy. Who says we have to wait to indulge until after noon anyways? Life is short, and all.

As I searched the net for ice cream images, the professionally photographed creamy confections got the best of me. One image of something that even faintly mimicked my love–coffee ice cream and chocolate with C–c—caramel sauce, sent me to trembling.

So here I sit, sated, frozen esophagus struggling to recover wondering how anyone could choose a different indulgence than mine. No chunks, nuts, candy or frozen-stiff fruit shall desecrate Christine’s ice cream. This is a dessert that is meant to be none other than its smooth creamy self.

Sauce topping(s) do not ‘count’ as they are as smooth and gooey as the frozen treat they compliment.

Image courtesy freedigitalphotos.net

Anything that is hard, crunchy and, by definition, frozen—captive in the grip of its frozen host—does not belong. Not only do frozen nuts, candy and fruit lose their flavor (Didn’t you mother tell you to NEVER put a box of chocolates in the fridge? You can NOT taste cold candy.), it ruins the wonderful smooth texture of the ice cream. Creamy, creamy, creamy—smooth, smooth, smooth.

*sorry–got carried away*

Keep your butter brickle ripple nut fudge ‘flavoured’ (see definition of ‘oxymoron’) ice creams. Give me the purest forms of vanilla, chocolate, coffee. Keep your fruit glaces, gelatos and sorbets. Fruit was meant to be enjoyed room temperature inside its own skin in its off-the-tree/bush/vine form.

I digress.

When your ice cream reaches that perfect temperature–soft serve-like–wrapping around the spoon as you swirl it in the bowl then into your mouth, you will know what I mean.

Pure bliss.


Image courtesy freedigitalphotos.net


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11 Responses to “I” is for Ice Cream

  1. Oh man, I love ice cream drinks. I agree on the “flavored” stuff. I want the real thing too.

  2. Maria Powers says:

    You scream, I scream, We all scream for ice cream. Yeah.

  3. Sue Roebuck says:

    Hi Christine! I didn’t know you were doing the A-Z too, now I’ll go back and read all your posts. Oh I love, love icecream and vanilla is my favorite. Now I want some and I mustn’t, I’m on a diet. Bad Christine!

    • christinelondon says:

      Save those ice cream dreams for a special treat. As I said in the blog–most of my freezer raids are in my mind alone.

      Good to ‘see’ you here Sue 🙂

  4. LOL. I was eating my fat free plain vanilla ice cream cone while I read your post and looked at those pictures. Now I just feel sorry for myself.

    • christinelondon says:

      Vanilla is the #1 favorite worldwide, so no feeling sorry for yourself. It is great stuff! It is my #1 choice on a day to day basis and thus my largest container in the freezer. It is delicious and guilt free in moderation. You goooo girl!

  5. Sarah says:

    I love home made ice cream. I will have to try making some coffee ice cream one day! One of my favorites is homemade lavender/Vanilla bean. A friend of mine makes it. Its divine. Simply Sarah

  6. Well I must admit, you’ve definitely made me want ice cream now. And since I ate all my dinner, it’s perfect timing too!

  7. Chocolate, it has to be chocolate….

    Candid CanineGirlZombieAuthors

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