Is Anyone Else In A Holiday Haze?

The carols on the radio wipe my mind clean of all negativity and dread. What is the magic about this time of year?

Not everyone feels that way. Have you ever had a boss that makes the Grinch look warm and fuzzy? Particularly unpleasant at this time of year; Sara  of Notting Hill is in that very predicament.

She needs this holiday job as usher at Nottinghill’s historic cinema to pay her tuition, but her handsome boss Robert is a thorn in the side of every usher who breathes. There must be more to a man who breaks his own rules to rescue a child. Can she figure out the puzzle before he self-destructs along with so much more than her job?

You are invited to enjoy NottingHill Scrooge.

“An entertaining, heartwarming read.” – Viviane Brentanos, award winning author

“Relatable to everyone…wonderfully entertaining novella that packs a captivating story into a small package.” – Reader

NottingHill Scrooge                       99 cents!

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  1. Heidi Landa says:

    Hi Christine! Bill gave me your card and I am very interested in talking with you! I would love to give you my email address so we can talk!
    Please email me at: I’d love to chat with you about book/publishing!
    Heidi Landa

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