My Crazy, but Amazing Weekend – Bocelli Concert

Photo by C London
Bocelli…yes he really does sing that well. He transports the listener to an ethereal place of peace and serenity. His concert at the Pond in Anaheim last night was AWESOME. Makes me feel as though I’m floating along a sultry summer Italian riviera beach with the moonlight sparking off the water as it laps at the soft crest where sea meets land. The warm breeze caresses my body, whispering in my ears, hair cascading across my shoulders, feet sinking into the velvet smooth sand, aroma of salt and sea lingering in my virtual reality…Oh, the blog? Yeah, I got alittle carried away there.
My weekend started with two gigs singing with my jazz sextet. The audience responded enthusiastically to our thight harmonies and unexpected rythums. How lucky am I to be able to look into those lights with that sea of faces peering up from below and sing with the other five talented members of our group– entertaining such a large audience? It is just one of my dreams come true.
The other, of course, is having my first novel slated for publication in August 2007. Can’t wait for Sunninghill Snow to be availabe to the public. What a thrill to communicate some of the joy de vive via my words! It’s a fun, entertaining story full of love rediscovered. What else is more important, in the end?
I was one of five authors that spoke at the Los Angeles Romance Authors Chapter #25 of Romance Writers Of America’s meeting yesterday at the Barnes and Noble in Encino. A very warm reception was offered by the full house in attendance. Perhaps the most touching moments came when one of the new authors told of her road to publication. She had been writing for six years: multiple manuscripts, workshop and conference attendance, critique groups and partners, honning her craft, networking, submitting, schmoozing…all the right stuff. Like all of us, she’d met with lots of rejection, but was upheld by the support of friends, family and collegues. The story of her heart, “important, but not real”, was about to be laid aside forever. She was discouraged. When her mother died, she felt this to be the final straw and had made up her mind to quit. The universe didn’t allow her to give up her dream. The very next day, she got “the call” from a big publisher. Let me tell you, there wasn’t a dry author’s eye in the house because we’ve all been there.
My talk met with lots of curiosity. “Who is this muse you talk about?” was the question of the hour. I relayed my story of being possessed by the story of my heart after seeing an awesome, inspiring movie portrayal. Never having written a letter to a celebrity, I was a bit apprehensive to send one off. It occured to me that there must be many women who have sent a letter to a celebrity they admire, hoping to get perhaps a autograph or form letter in reply. But what would happen if the man of your intrique was likewise taken by you? What if he read your letter and wrote back…forging a relationship via words that grew and turned into so much more? The story of my heart was born.
Is this the story that will be published in August? No. It took two other manuscripts and a lot of work to write what is now Sunninghill Snow. Do I still want to find a home for this first story of my heart?…You bet. Like most authors, it takes lots of writing and rewriting, lots of education and tenacity, to find the right niche for your work. When it comes down to it, it is what the publisher thinks the public wants to read right now. It is a business, after all folks!
Am I going to give up? No. Like the little engine who could…I know I can. I’ve two other manuscripts completed. You can visit an excerpt on my website Come on over and see. I know you’ll love Sunninghill Snow. The other books are just a fab. Will keep you informed as they aquire a publishing “home”.
Most of all, my friends…do not give up on your dream. If you keep after it, the universe will respond. You will go on the most amazing, inspiring, wonderful journey of your life. It will be full of surprises—better than any you could imagine for yourself. It will look different from your vision—more awesome than that of your creation. You have but this one life. Live it and follow your heart!
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