NaNo and A NEW Book Cover!!

‘Tis the season for all dedicated (aka crazy) writer’s and wanna be’s to retreat into our lairs to type fifty thousand words in a month. November’s ritual, National Novel Writing month, is upon us. Time for friends, family and acquaintances to think we who write, antisocial, if not down right rude.

So before you throw rotten fruit or start rumors of my untimely demise, let it be known that I am alive and well, numb behind and bleary eyes intact. To date my word count is keeping pace–metaphorical head above the daily word count waters. The NaNo sharks nip at my heels, nose to grindstone. I am penning a new spicy tale about two flight attendants whose Stand By holiday escape to Fuji gets flushed when they are bumped from that flight–and onto another heading to San Diego. Little does our heroine know that her best g.f. roomie is taking her to her family’s long time escape—a nudist resort.

Enter our hero and his best mate, Robert. Industrious Matthew J Malone might paint jumbo jets for a living, but he has no notion of what’s expected in the way of mores at Sundale Nudist Resort. Grounds for a quick hookup and a week of NSA sex? Not on you life.

The last two years of NaNo have produced two novels from these overworked fingers and brain. Leap Of Faith is now published as electronic novella through Awe Struck publishing (NaNoWri Mo effort of 2008) and Isles Of The Sea is making the rounds of publishing houses as we speak (2009 NaNo event) Can “Stand By” be far behind?? It will be if I don’t get back at

In the meantime, please enjoy with me the unveiling of my spanking new book cover for my June 2011 Muse It Hot release “Hog Wild”.

Kyle Matthews might have the music world by the horns, but when he loses out in love to his most famous client and best friend, he escapes to the desert southwest on a restorative motorcycle trip. Will the hard driving, salty tongued gorgeous mechanic he relies upon to fix his Harley be able to mend his heart as well?


Hog Wild Bookcover

Book Cover by Delilah K Stephans

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2 Responses to NaNo and A NEW Book Cover!!

  1. Congratulations Christine on your NaNo success stories. I'm writing my next book during this time as well, and you describe the process so well, nose to the grindstone, NaNo nipping at your heels – Got it here also.Love the book cover – Delilah's the best!

  2. Lia Keyes says:

    Sounds like you're really enjoying your latest NaNoWriMo novel. Wings to your fingers, Christine!

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