No Matter the Language, There is Love

In France it is the law and tradition to wed at the local courthouse in order to fulfill the legalities. Such was the case late in May when my dearest French ‘son’ and sweet Celine wed.


Most newlyweds then have a ceremony of their own delight. Whether in church or a beautiful outdoor locale, couples fashion a ceremony that is most meaningful to them. Greg and Celine chose the coast of France where she was raised. DSCN4394 DSCN4397

One of the truly jaw dropping places in the world, Perros Guirec is the location of the famous pink granite boulders. One of only three places in the world that have this kind of stone, the granite of Perros Gureic can be seen in Paris in building and streets, but nowhere is it more amazing than in its natural state. Many of the pinkish boulders dwarf the trekkers that climb amongst them. The sea here has many moods. Mediterranean sapphire when overcast, the shoreline lightens to Caribbean aqua in the sun.

Tidal shifts are as grand as the boulders. When the water is low, beach dwellers can walk a city block out to the bashful sea. DSCN4157

Small crabs scurry and hide. Seaweed rests gracefully, and the boulders that appeared only large when the tide covers them, are gigantic as the skirt of the ocean is drawn back.DSCN4161 DSCN4163               (Can you see the crab nestling in the sand?)

The hotel where the wedding took place was ‘beached’ in the morning, the sea retreating far down the sand. DSCN4152 DSCN4166

By the time the ceremony begins, the water laps at the seawall and boats slip to and fro just off shore, expertly dodging the rocks in predetermined corridors. As the couple exchange vows,DSCN4358 the guests sigh, chortling when grandma adds an “Ooo, la, la” as the groom’s speech turns especially full of ardor.

Ring exchanged and a kiss…DSCN4367 DSCN4368

Those who take this ultimate leap of faith into an uncertain future- now full of promise in the sharing, are affirming

… a miracle… the miracle of love.

DSCN4320 DSCN4322

DSCN4375 DSCN4373

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