Olympus Has Fallen Risen to Recommended

“Olympus Has Fallen is derivative, predictable, heavy-handed and a 
lot of fun.”

So says James Verniere of the Boston Herald.

When our national security team scrambles to rescue the president and staff from a white house that has fallen to North Korean terrorists, disgraced former Presidential guard Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) uses his inside knowledge to help retake “Olympus” (Secret Service Code for the White House) and stop even bigger crisis.

Maybe I have not seen the sheer quantity of action flicks that most guys might have, but I found the non-stop action that ensued once the first shot was fired to be real edge of your seat stuff. Others have said Olympus is Die Hard in the White House. And what is wrong with that?

Olympus Has Fallen is a real crown-pleaser. From the glamour and sophistication in the highest seat of politics, to the gut wrenching carnage of a terrorist attack on all America holds dear, this film is sure to keep you munching your popcorn without tasting a bite. Plenty of explosions and machismo for the testosterone laden, characters to root for and handsome people in business and black tie, even a female kick ass heroine.

Melissa Leo shows us how it is done


Some language and graphic violence has earned Olympus its “R” rating, but I did not find it beyond credible in the given situation.



Morgan Freeman and Angela Bassett provide seasoned acting chops.





Ashley Judd is seen all too briefly to Aaron Eckhart’s Mr President.

Gerard Butler has finally found an action adventure character that does him some justice in this “almost embarrassingly entertaining” (Liam Lacey, Globe and Mail) drama.

Solid suspense make Olympus Has Fallen a recommended action thriller.

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