Palm Springs Hidden Oasis

Spending the weekend with my dear second cousins in California’s Coachella Valley was so much more than just family fun. Palm Springs Fan Palms 3Walking through the ancient groves of palms, ground made damp by recent showers, echoes of a similar experience in Northern California’s redwoods–spiritual.

Palm Springs Fan Palms 4







From the Thousand Palms Oasis Preserve to Palm Canyon on the Agua Caliente Indian Reservation, we trekked the still canyons. Palm Springs Narrow Passage 2Indigenous flora and fauna, which the Cahuilla people so expertly used and abundant California Fan Palm trees are contrasts to the rocky, cactus dotted gorges and barren desert lands beyond.Palm Springs Fan Palms Lunn & Marlee A moderately graded, foot path winds down into the canyon.




In the shade of the palms, reconstructed native huts are dwarfed by the majestic trees. Wearing dry fronds that drape to the ground, the silence is broken only by the occasional dry whisper of a palm seed dropping through the spent hula-like natural skirts of the trees.

Palm Springs Fan Palms Indian Hut





A visit to the Bird Song and Dance Festival furthered the native American theme of the weekend. Palm Springs Bird Songs, Native AmericansThrough the ages, bird singing and dancing have been an important part of native culture for the tribes in the Southern California and neighboring regions. Bird songs tell stories about the lessons learned during the travels native people undertook trying to better understand the birds and their migratory patterns. They are a completely oral tradition, dependent upon transfer from teacher to student.

Palm Springs OasisPalm Springs Fan Palms 6A visit to the Palm Springs area can be a true exploration…


Palm Springs Oasis with Larry


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