Sex, Lies and the Bathroom Scale

Did that get your attention? Truth be told, scales are pretty unsexy.

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If you are like millions of people around the world, every morning you drop your bathrobe to the floor and step tentatively onto the bathroom scale, eyes winced shut in dread and anticipation. Your entire day begins either positively or negatively according to a number.

Ahh….validation! Or Eeeek… failure!

Don’t get me wrong. I am not one of those people who blithely look the other way as those numbers creep up and up. Nor can I blindly support obesity in the name of political correctness. If a person is unhealthily overweight, they know it. No need for a scale or reminder from society. Extra weight is the culprit in so many diseases and maladies, it would be prohibitive and repetitive to list them all here. Isn’t it just as irresponsible to

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tell obese people they are 100% okay and ‘beautiful’ just the way they are, as it is to fat shame? It is so much bigger than the individual however. It’s a psychological, medical and societal problem—not an individual failure. We are all part of the society that glorifies fast food every bit as much as we worship unhealthy thinness.

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Food as an addictive substance has been well studied by science and big agribusiness. As is true with most commodities in life, the profit margin often far outweighs any concern for health, safety or happiness. Ultimately it is the power of demand that will dictate the availability of wholesome healthy foods.

But come on folks…get off the bloody scale. You are giving it much more power than it deserves. The only thing a scale can tell you is your physical body’s relationship to gravity in numerical form. The force emanating from the Earth and the gravity of the potential adverse health situations with each extra pound, are as obvious as your reflection in the mirror.

A scale can NOT tell you how contagious your smile is, how amazing your compassion, how much admiration you deserve for facing a demanding world day in and out to earn a living, how strong you are for maintaining the power of love to raise children, what a good sense of humor and perseverance you have in the face of the numerous adversities of life or how uplifting your words are when you raise them in praise of another.

It cannot measure talent, purpose, life force, strength or love.

Isn’t that the real power, the real legacy of a person?

So take note of the number. Do what you must to work toward health and to demand better from agri-business through the power of your purchases. Then go out there and live your fabulous, difficult, challenging, rewarding, amazing life!


How have you been impacted by your weight, unnaturally enhanced foods and the scale?

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