Should Six mean Sex?

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Six Sentence Sunday is one way for readers to have a taste of many author’s writing without investing a lot of time. A reader can hop from blog to blog by accessing the Six Sentence Sunday listing and sample well over 150 authors on any given Sunday.

Great idea.

Have women taken a cultural turn into being more like men and value six sentences of sex over something that might actually exemplify the story/character or plot? I am not judging one way or the other—just wondering what YOUR take is.

This week I am featuring six from a tale that I recently completed, but have not finished editing for submission.

One More Day

Cole Phillips was dead.
Four years later his wife Tara is without any answers.
Is a universe that so cruelly tore her husband from her actually capable of bestowing such a gift?
One More Day…
A tale of the 24 hour return to life of a man so sorely missed by his widow the power of her will alone causes a rift in the universe and with it, an opportunity of which other have only dreamed.


Fists at his chest she didn’t even have the strength to pound on him. Dropping her forehead to his sternum, she sobbed.

He held her. Helpless in his arms.

“You know time is fluid, darlin’. There are those of us who can feel its waves and eddies. If we had the vision possible without the confines of these bodies, we’d be free to explore all the nuances of it.”

Christine London is author of Romance with a decidedly British Twist. You can learn more about her and her work at

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2 Responses to Should Six mean Sex?

  1. I have to admit to being a prude when it comes to sex scenes. I'm a behind-the-door kinda gal, so I really enjoy stories that are less sexual and more plot driven. I enjoyed your six and look forward to more.

  2. Ginger,Thanks for your comment. I enjoy plot driven as well–actually more character driven. I believe that it is difficult to 'get into' a sex scene until and unless you are connected to the characters–until you 'care'. Traditionally, the tendency for men to turn onto sex without connection has been the norm. I am wondering though if many women are doing the same in our modern 'anything goes' society.Is it a myth that only men like sex for sex sake?Christine

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