Singin’ the Responsible Dog Owner Blues

Ready for a rant???

Had a park ranger stop me when walking the dags at twilight the other day in an empty park near my home. “You have to have your dog on leash 24/7. Now how is a larger dog supposed to get his exercise? A human can not run fast enough to exercise him properly–leased. “Dog park in Redondo” (7 miles away by car–yeah that is realistic to do twice a day)

Milo the Mini Man

So I went online and looked for the city animal control site. yup–24/7 and no dog park in the whole of the city. Also no sign in the park stating this. While online I saw a requirement to get your dog licensed through the city for identification. What? I have my dogs micro chipped. No tag to fall off. So for the privilege of licensing my dogs today–because I am trying to play by the rules and be responsible (after assuring I had their paperwork in hand–proving that they are fixed and have their rabies shots) I got to pay a $20 per dog “late fee’ on top of the yearly charge.

Kiki and BFF Bill

The animal control officer was a sour-puss. I think he is way past jaded at seeing the many examples of irresponsible owners. Just like cops see the underbelly of the world, so too animal control–making them skew toward thinking most folks are out to get away with something or are irresponsible. Time to change professions if you are that unhappy. Life is too short and all.
So if there has not been a case of rabies in forty years and the tag is not for I.D. because the microchip does that and there are no services for responsible dog owners–i.e. a place to run your dog off leash without getting a further expensive ticket–no wonder, as the a.c. officer said, “there are 42 thousand dogs in this city and only 2,200 are licensed.”

Dakota the Pappillion/Cocker Spaniel Mix

Oh–and there are no signs in the parks that inform walkers that they MUST have their dogs on leash 24/7) Sweet. So given em a ticket because they are trying to be good to their dog and give em the exercise he needs. Ever heard of ‘off hours?’ like adult swim at pools–when the leash law is relaxed? Nope. No doubt result of fear of lawsuit. Thank you litigious California. The few make the many suffer under unreasonable restriction.
If you want to encourage people to license their dog, promote it–make it known that it is required and don’t penalize those who are trying to be responsible. Perfect example of bureaucracy gone wrong.

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