Six Sentence Sunday Sans Sex- Craving a bit more?

Crave something more than sex in six? I strive to provide six sentence bites that tittilate more than the hormones. Our minds as the most important sex organ crave something beyond bodyparts and lurid touch. Join me on my weekly Six Sentence journeys and you shall get words that engage all your senses–including but not limited to your temporal lobe.

Our hero Kyle is taking heroine Sin for a spin down the spine of the desert southwest’s Monument Valley at day’s end…

The warm dry air was perfect; the few shredded clouds racing across the

horizon were being painted with raspberry chalk by the sinking sun, each water droplet

refulgent with rainbow potential. As they raced toward the crest of the valley, the

paintbrush of light changed each curve of vapor into a progressive stroke of tint,

rotating around the color wheel as the angle of the sun shifted with each passing

minute, pale salmon into orange into pink onto mauve. As they reached the back road

plummeting toward the San Juan River and Mexican Hat, Kyle pulled into a widened

area on the highway’s verge and turned the nose of the Enfield to face the mammoth

buttes spread out across the vast expanse of land between them and the horizon.

Now silhouetted against the brilliant pallet of pastels into deepening purples,

the enormous stone structures looked even more dominant, each shape an example of

what time, earth and weather can do to various densities of sand and rock. Most cut a

figure, a flat-topped mesa, sheer walls cascading down to gentler inclined tumbles of

rocks sloping to the flat valley floor below.

They both remained fixed to the padded seat of the Enfield, the ability of speech

stolen from them by the splendor of the display. As the sun sank below the horizon and

the splash of clouds trailing across the sky morphed into their final shades of violet

to purple to grey, Kyle and Sin sat frozen in a stupor of transcendental wonder.

“No matter how many time I see it, I’m left speechless.” Sin whispered, as though in

prayer, into the fading light.

Available June 2011 through MuseItHot Publishing

Hog Wild Bookcover

Book Cover by Delilah K Stephans

Sinclair MacTavish ruled the world of motorcycle mechanics able to repair anything under the Four Corners sun. But when a cynical, road weary Brit crashes through the door of her garage, she’s in for more than just another cantankerous client. He may be the challenge of her life.

Christine London
Author of Shadows Steal The Light
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8 Responses to Six Sentence Sunday Sans Sex- Craving a bit more?

  1. Ooh, great six. I loved that last line!

  2. sue says:

    you are so right – the mind is the sexiest – and I could visualize the colours – I've never been in that part of the world but sounds gorgeous

  3. Jay Di Meo says:

    Lovely description! Great six.

  4. I salute you, as always.

  5. Lindsay says:

    Beautiful. And yes the mind is a terrible thing… waste

  6. Thanks for your comments all. You are so very appreciated! No as for the title of my Six this week…Whilst I do not mean to in any way to belittle the talent of any author or passage, I do admit to preferring, when limited to such a short piece of pie, to something that can tickle the mind and senses. I love hot reads as much as the next gal, but unless I am engaged with the characters, it feels a whole lot like a Penthouse "You'll never believe what happened to me' letter to the editor. My career began at the erotic romance imprint of a very well known e-house. I can write a hot scene with the best of 'em. More power to sexy romance. However, in this platform it is difficult to entice and make a work stand out as something unique/different that one might actually want to read. Six sentences of sex risks reading like so much other sex–tough to included character or story by definition.What think you my dear reader/writer friends? Am I full of 'hooey'? Are you turned on to read a book by six sentences of sex or do you like to learn a bit about setting/plot and character as well? Have you purchased a book by reading a sex scene drawn from it alone even if it is hot as Hades?Now I have had male readers respond in the affirmative. Lotsa you gals feel the same?Christine

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