“T” is for Tall


There is no way to deny it. At five foot nine, I am tall.

If I’d been born a man I would be slightly on the short side of American normal, but as a woman, I stand out. I live in Los Angeles where there are many nationalities, many immigrants and second generation-ers. Not a lot of Northern European types around. So—my blonde hair? Also a beacon.

Ah but you can get blonde from a bottle. Height? Not so easy. Even the gals who risk their skeletal alignment and feet with stilettos may just look me in the eye.

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“Oh, but you can reach the top shelf in the kitchen.”

“You look so much better in clothes.”

“It’s easier to see in a crowd.”


We tall are the first asked to retrieve things from that top shelf.

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Often it is nearly out of our reach too, but we stretch and strain to assist.

Look better in clothes? Yeah–if you can find any that that are cut to your frame. It has only been the last few years that jeans and trousers have been made in ‘tall’. And they are usually the first to sell out (seems the shorter want their trousers to drag —a fashion statement).  I remember the days when there was one ‘talls’ store and all the clothes looked like they ought to be worn by my grandmother. You can cut fabric to hem something too long. Too short and you are S.O.L.

Easier to see in crowds? Nope. Remember–we tall women are medium to short-ish guys. We are still blocked by those over six foot ‘gentlemen’ who insist on standing in the front. And they always seem to be right in front of us.

So what are the benefits of being somewhat vertically challenged? My BFF is a five foot nothin’-er. Diminutive, cute, often mistaken as someone half her age she garners doors open, unending supply of clothing in her size —’petites having been cut to her frame available for years, gallant offers of help, flirtatiousness from men and the ability to try on shoes off the rack. Yeah—little feet that fit the floor models.

She would argue these points, but hey—this is my blog. Lol. “They all look at you when you enter a room.” (There’s that ‘stick out in a crowd thing) Is that good? Seems tall can also be intimidating. Certainly makes it tough to ‘disappear’ in the crowd.

“Miss, the company doesn’t make shoes in such abnormal sizes.”

“We’re out of talls.”

“You can’t reach that either? Oh comeon–try.”

*clears throat* “I can’t see.” *Shuffles to the back* Now I can’t see. (Remember those six foot five guys?)

image courtesy freedigitalphotos.net

I have found a plethora of links to positive kudos from tall guys about being tall. *cricket chirps* on links to exuberant tall gals.

So what think you tall gals?? What are the blessings of being ‘stretch’?

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13 Responses to “T” is for Tall

  1. I’m 5’8″ so also on the tall side. I used to buy tall sized pants from a few stores, but now I find the talls are QUITE tall, and I usually need them hemmed since regular might not be long enough. Or I only wear those pants with heels.

    I’m slightly taller than my husband, and I used to wear flats a lot, but he said not to do that on account of him. He likes it when I tower over him in heels because it’s like dating a model 🙂 ha! All about perspective.

  2. Angi Clingan says:

    I’m also 5′ 8″. The ONLY perk I’ve found with the height (and the fact I’m just a big girl all around … shoulders like a linebacker) is that people tend not to give me much crap LOL too intimidated … which led to dates underwhelming my calander when single 🙂

    I got lucky and hubby is 6′ 4″ … so I can wear heels and not feel like gigantor woman. Not that I actually wear them anymore … darn ankle.

    Other than that … yeah … haven’t found a lot of “perks” to my size 🙂

    • christinelondon says:

      Six foot four man–both of you must make a statement entering a room. I bet he has lots of ‘likes’ about being tall.

      • Angi Clingan says:

        Valentine’s day a few years ago we got LOTS of looks walking into outback … we were both dressed nicely and I was wearing 4 (maybe 5) inch heels LOL We were hard to miss that’s for sure LOL

        • christinelondon says:

          How wonderful, Angi. I love folks that wear their height proudly! Hey–you a US Coast Guard family member too?

  3. Angi Clingan says:

    Yes ma’am … 22 years we’ve been together. He’s got 26 1/2 years in. Count down to retirement is on 🙂

    • christinelondon says:

      I salute you both. My guy is retired Lt Commander USCG. It is not easy being the at home spouse, but the Guard has the most amazing and important missions.

      (This is where I mention having written a USCG novella “Against The Current”.) I have had readers write to me asking why I seem to know the heart of the personal life so well. Hmmm…I wonder.

      • Angi Clingan says:

        I’ve read it 🙂 Hubby will officially make WO3 in Sept.

        Yep living it can be hard to explain to other people 🙂 They just kinda get this glassy “I don’t understand” look in their eyes LOL

        • christinelondon says:

          As my Scot WO friend calls himself a “Wobbly Orange”–warrant officers are highly respected both sides of the pond. (At least by those who know what fortitude it takes to make that rank) I bet you are dreaming of all the good things retirement holds in store. God bless. 🙂

          *I know that glassy eyed look…lol*

  4. JoJo says:

    All of my friends are way taller than me; I’m 5’2″. I so wish that I had saved all the chopped off pants and skirt fabric, because my clothes had to be substantially hemmed. I could make a couple of king sized quilts with them.

  5. Julia says:

    I think society is weird about how it thinks men and women should look. If you are short, tall, or in between, who cares. I think we should all appreciate the beauty we have, and stop worrying about where we measure up in height. I am 5’3 and shorter than some women, and taller than others. I am not exactly in the middle, but I do not measure myself to others. Some people think I am short, but it really does not bother me. I have long arms and can reach things up high, so usually might height is not an issue. I think your being tall is cool.

    • christinelondon says:

      I’m with you on that ‘nobody should notice or care’ thing. Alas, they do, so it is an issue for some. More an issue when finding clothes to fit becomes a problem. You are quite correct–diversity makes the world interesting. Thanks for stopping by Julia. 🙂

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