The Red Carpet Strut

Struttin’ his stuff

Glare of lights

Red carpet fashions

Hot tonight

Layers of fans

Line the street

Medicinal mission

Women’s treat

Eyes sparkling bright

Wry smile delight

Publicist by side

Just hitting his stride

Acknowledging wave

Traffic staid

All fades to gray

In the spotlight

Adrenaline pumping

Bodyguards jumpin’

Protocol ignored

Fans adore

Sharpie scribbling

Autograph nibbling

Pressing forward

For just a glimpse

Eyes locking once

Deja vu rush

Business demands

Suppress the fans

Cheeks warming red

Something was said

In words unspoken

Moment of token

Caught in the whirl

Hollywood swirl

Feelings denied

Surely they lied

Duty does call

Cross to the mall

Press bulbs to flash

Reality trashed

People to see to

Image maintained

Nothing else matters

Another day’s rein

Legacy’s goal

Hollywood stroll

Smother the heart

Important part

What about you

The boy back at school

Dreamer’s dart

In Celtic heart

Don’t lose sight

Of what’s right

At days end

What will mend


Hearts implore

That one pair of eyes

In the crowd

World drops away

Something to sway

Attend to the call

Fame is not all

Towed by an elbow

The press to meet

Accolades many

Symphony sweet

When party’s over

Home to his bed

Head is a swimmin’

Exhaustion thread

One more achievement

Another rave review

List check-off met

Mission set

Drifting toward sleep

Presence he keeps

Many adorers

Inside his head

Still sheets are cold

Accolades old

With whom to share

What can compare

Visceral touch

Would mean so much

Drift off to sleep

Presence to keep

Sweet sleep oblivion

Masks yet again

A missing piece

Of perfection

Human doing morn

Rise yet to greet

Appointments to keep

Always more

Bright lights again

Flood out the colours

Of everyday


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