The Romance Reviews Birthday Party Event

Coming in March

The Romance Reviews (TRR) folks are having a SECOND ANNIVERSARY PARTY! There will be exciting games for readers.The activities will take participants to author websites as they answer Q&A provided by authors and visit featured books!
Prizes include gift certificates, book giveaways and lots more! TRR is contributing the grand prize of $100 gift card, as well as other smaller prizes! Other details to be finalized as the event draws nearer.
DATE:  March 1 to 31, 2013



Soul Mate Publishing
Musa Publishing
Loose Id
Turquoise Morning Press
Camel Press
Dixie Lynn Dwyer
Hope Tarr
Ashlyn Chase
Shana Galen
Carrie Lofty
Madison J. Edwards
J.M. Kelley
Jessica Lee
Shawna Romkey
Niecey Roy
Andy Dunn
Michelle McLean
Peter Silverman
Wendy Davy
Renita Pizzitola
Kristal Baird
Jenna Rose Ellis
Tamara Morgan
Elise Logan
Katheryn Lane
Victoria Blisse
Tory Richards
Ian Barker
Marlies Schmudlach Perez
Joan Price
Allie Ritch
Vivien Sparx
Charlie Cochrane
Lindsay J. Pryor
Sarah Mäkelä
Daryl Devore
Elizabeth McKenna
Raine Delight
Blair McDowell
Katie Porter
Anna Campbell
Savanna Fox
Samantha Young
Lisa Burstein
Anna Marie May
M.L. Guida
Grace Marshall
D.N. Simmons
Melinda Leigh
Carlene Love Flores
Dianne Hartsock
Jana Richards
Donna Del Oro
Georgia Lyn Hunter
Alison Chambers
Chris Lange
Lily Harlem
Anne Barwell
June Kramin
Jenika Snow
Jessica E. Subject
Kelly Boyce
Christy Hayes
Natalie J. Damschroder
S.K. Yule
Elle Druskin
Lucy Felthouse
Christine London
Nica Berry
Sibel Hodge
Shelley Munro
Saskia Walker
Tibby Armstrong
Cindi Madsen
Katee Robert
Diana Layne
Anne Tenino
Cynthia D’Alba
Kaylin McFarren
Jianne Carlo
Erica Pike
Tara Lain
Dev Bentham
Naomi Bellina
E.A. West
Delaney Diamond
Teresa Thomas Bohannon
Anna Keraleigh
Paloma Beck
Bebe Balocca
Ria Candro
Zoe Forward
Evey Brett
Lee Ann Sontheimer Murphy
Sage Marlowe
Jenny Twist
Hannah Fielding
Lia Davis
Donna Dalton
Jaye Frances
Kara Leigh Miller
J.F. Jenkins
James Cox
Marion Robinson
Sharon Buchbinder
Erica Ridley
Susan Carlisle
Kylie Scott
Lisa M. Airey
Simone Sinna
Jennifer Brassel
Rhea Rhodan
Linda Morris
Tina Donahue
Rosalie Lario
Silvia Violet
Angela Quarles
Katie Porter
Lisa Clark O’Neill
Rose Anderson
Tara Fox Hall
JM Stewart
Alicia Dean
Kathryn Meyer Griffith
Regan Walker
Crystal-Rain Love
Augusta Li
Bev Pettersen
Ashlynn Monroe
Parker Kincade
Nicole Morgan
Carmen DeSousa
Tonya Ramagos
Shereen Vedam
H.C. Brown
Login and join the TRR 2nd Anniversary party on March 1! Play games, join the fun and win prizes! Meet your favorite authors and chat with them! See you then!Here are some sample of the upcoming fun:
Sample Questions
Question #1     [ Chances: 10 ]

What happens to Susie in Jianne Carlo’s Alpha Me Not?
– contributed by Jianne Carlo
 a: Susie is kidnapped
 b: Susie is tortured
 c: Susie’s house went up in flames
 d: Susie’s school caught fire and was devastated


Question #2     [ Chances: 10 ]

In Derek by Sienna Matthews, who did Derek ask for help?
– contributed by Sienna Matthews
 a: Carly
 b: No one
 c: His cousins
 d: His mother


See you soon at The Romance Reviews!!
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