The Times, They Are A’ Changin’ : E-Books

If you don’t know it yet, we are in the midst of a revolution….the electronic book or “E-Book” revolution.

Something else you might not know–I am adding to my backlist of work with two new offerings coming to the electronic format in Feb and June 2011.

The new kid on the block is MuseItUp and MuseItUp Hot publishing out of Canada. My books are titled Shadows Steal the Lightand Hog Wild offered through MuseItUp Hot. You can now have a preview by looking over on my website “books” page. There’s a temporary cover up for Hog Wild which will soon be replaced by the final product. Shadows is awaiting its cover–coming soon.


Hog Wild - Working Cover

working cover by Alex Kent

In the meantime have a look at MuseItUp’s other ‘Coming Soon’ offerings. The cover artists there are doing a wonderful job giving the publishing house a classy look few can match. Here’s the address to see the covers:
Now as for today’s Anniversary BLOG TOUR offerings:

Dominique Eastwick (#4)


Bryk Tyne (#5) Click Here

Don’t forget you have to be registered to get your “participant number” to leave with each comment you make to enter you in the contest to win many great prizes including GRAND PRIZE of a Sony E-Reader.

Home base for registration and info is CLICK HERE


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