Tommy One Note – Dear Mr. Dustman <3

To the much beloved director of the vocal jazz music program at Long Beach City College on the occasion of his retirement. We love you and wish you an exciting new life chapter—


You made us love you
We didn’t want to do it, We didn’t want to do it       078

You made us love you                  036


and all the time you knew it
I guess you always knew it.
You made us happy sometimes, you made us glad079


But there were times, Dear, you made us feel so bad086

You made us sigh for, We didn’t want to tell you

We didn’t want to tell you

We want some love that’s true, yes we do, deed we do, you know we do
Give us, give us, give us what we cry for     104


you know you got the brand of singin’ that we’d die for

You know you made us love you      080

023111081029116                             025089123180183193160

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2 Responses to Tommy One Note – Dear Mr. Dustman <3

  1. Niki Chanel says:

    Excellent photos. Is that… is he.. taking down the name on the door? That’s so sad.

    • christinelondon says:

      Yes..’that’ is and ‘he’ is and yes–it is very sad for all of us who love what he did for us. I do wish him an exciting new beginning–whatever that may look like for him.

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