Twenty Positive Trends That Give Us Hope

Regardless of popular opinion that the world is going to hell, there are strong signs that the caring, the kind and the loving are still the majority.

  • Mainstream news programs feature many daily positive stories.
  • Toy, coat and food drives are prominent and supported by the media.
  • Marriage proposals and soldiers/sailors returning to the loving arms of their families still make us cry.
  • People with pre-existing conditions can now obtain medical coverage. 
  • The power of social media roots out the ignorant, the bigoted and the mean through corporate outrage.
  • Electric cars are finally becoming mainstream
  • The Internet allows us to befriend people around the globe who we would never meet otherwise. These relationships have the power to extinguish prejudice born of ignorance of others cultures and worldviews.
  • Even the most popular celebrities are being held accountable for what they say.
  • Smoking is no longer cool. Laws against tobacco smoke protect public air. 
  • There is meaningful dialogue placing athlete’s health over revenue.
  • Great progress is being made; sexual orientation now included under the umbrella of inherent human rights.
  • Self publishing has evened the playing field for authors, opening the door to books that would never have seen the light of day in a New York big publishing house controlled literary world.
  • Political despots can no longer hide their atrocities. Thank you social media and grassroots heroes.
  • Cameras catch many criminals red handed.
  • There are popular TV programs that champion the everyday man.
  • Romance novels still outsell any other genre. We are creatures of hope.
  • Most of the world’s people channel their innate aggression and clannishness through positive means such as sports.

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  • There is a strong holistic movement in the medical community away from drugs as the only answer to disease.
  • Coffee, dark chocolate and wine in moderation are considered healthy.




What are the positive trends that give you hope?




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