“V” for Valiant

Valiant: boldly courageous, brave, stout-hearted, worthy, excellent

The first persons to come to mind might be firefighters, soldiers, police. But of course.

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It is my contention there are more brave and heroic amongst us than those who wear a uniform.

Doctors? Paramedics? Teachers?

You are getting warmer.



How about YOU?

Rising early to work out so you can be healthy to serve and enjoy those you love.

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Dressing to look the part of your work role. Clothes make the man was not written on a whim. Much research has been done as to the effect clothes have on the way we are viewed.

Skipping the donuts in favor of fruit and yogurt? Keep that middle aged spread at bay–arteries clear, heart thanking you.

Read articles and books to keep current in your field–  Allows you to climb the ladder of success so you might provided good things for you and your family.

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Keep you cabinets stocked with nutritious snacks. Good nutrition=good health. Congratulations at avoiding the preponderance of empty calories available at every supermarket. It is nothing short of valiant effort to maintain a unrefined, natural diet.

Care for your pets. You have many outside stimuli in your day. YOU are your pet’s day and they love every moment of loving attention you give to them. Helps relieve your stress too.


Battle the traffic to and fro. That job you hold down helps so many people. YOU are the reliable presence that so many come to rely upon. Whether you flip hamburgers, change bedpans, teach children math or manage a company, your colleagues or employees look to you to maintain excellence in whatever you do. You are an important element that cannot easily be replaced. You do your work with positivism and a smile. You just may be the one bright spot in many person’s day.

Make the bed with hospital corners? Scrub the grout pearly white?

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Change the diapers? Scrub the pans? Remember to put the seat down so the ladies in your house won’t fall in?—all these small gestures of care add up to smoothing other’s way. There is so much to be said for making those around you more comfortable. It is silent love. It is valiant.

Work more hours to save for the kid’s college. Take others to music events, theater, museums, amusement parks. Donate to charities. Roll up your sleeves and give blood. The spirit of giving cannot be underestimated in the impact it has on other’s lives.

You are valiant when you keep your cool in traffic. When you let the other guy go first because you know they probably had a bad day. Hold the door open for any stranger (not just women!) Send links and articles that might help a friend or family member (this is the equivalent of grandma clipping articles from the newspaper and passing them on in snail mail)

Give up the last piece of chicken, last piece of pizza.  Share the wine and the blanket.

Smile when your son or daughter leaves to go to their first military assignment–or to university–or far away job, even though your heart is breaking with grief at the separation—and pride.

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Have the strength to know when it’s time for a disabled parent to receive better care in assisted living than at your home.

To live humbly and within your means.

To say goodbye to a beloved parent at their graveside.

To know when to give and when to accept help.

These are but a few of the daily choices we make—you make to make that day better for others. To look to the future with hope and love.

You are the stuff of miracles. Your choices. Your gifts and talents make this world better.

It’s so easy to destroy. It takes only a second.

But you are the stuff of creation, of the future, of care and joy. You know you have to care for yourself so you can best serve others. You are among the daily valiant.

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4 Responses to “V” for Valiant

  1. Hello, Christine! Thank you for this post! It’s a wonderful dose of inspiration and encouragement. Now I’m more motivated for my day!!

    Happy A to Z-ing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

  2. Christine,

    A very thoughtful post. As I was reading, I felt very good about my decision earlier in the day to let a an eighteen-wheeler in my lane. He’d been trying for the longest time to get over, but everyone kept zipping by, not wanting to get caught behind him. Seemed like a small thing to me, but maybe it was a big deal to him.

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