Valentine Huntsman

The next in the popular 55 Portobello Road series is yours truly – Valentine Huntsman is LIVE!! 99 cents at Amazon, this off beat tale is ready to warm your Valentine’s Day hearts!

Valentine Huntsman (55 Portobello Road)

When an American cabbie in London agrees to a romantic Valentine dinner, she never dreamed the evening would end with the wail of sirens and flashing lights. Seeing her date under suspicious circumstances, her blood runs cold. Just who is this Valentine Huntsman?


“Houndsman Convention?” She stared into his gold-flecked green eyes.
Man of few words? She would be too, arriving in an outfit like that. What part of English mid-winter dress in no way resembling California beachwear did he not understand?
As he slid onto the leather bench seat he pulled in air between clenched teeth. Resisting the urge to chuckle, she set the meter and put the cab in gear.
“Now this is a turnabout,” he said. “I look like you sound.”
Odd way of commenting on her being a Yank, but two points for creativity. Silence the best commentary, she kept her eyes on the road.
“I rather think you are tired of hearing that, ” he added.
She remained silent.
“I’ll take that for a yes.” The cab shifted and bumped. She looked in the rear view mirror. He was digging in his bag, pulling something out. Half a kilometer down the motorway, she snatched a glimpse of him bare-chested. Moments later he’d popped on an undershirt and jumper. Perhaps he wasn’t completely mad. Certainly not hard on the eyes. Damn if the odd ones weren’t always the hunks.
“I apologise for my previous assumptions.” He continued to contort. Good Lord. He was changing into trousers too? “You might well be an aspiring actress practicing your dialects. No…you’re one of a cabbie exchange scheme. Two of ours for one of yours.” He gazed in the rear view mirror, his eyes meeting hers.
“Sorry. Silence must be your CIA training.”
A small percussive chuckled escaped her. She gripped the wheel, digging fingernails into palms.
“Ah, so you are listening.” He settled into the seat and peered out the window.
She finally rewarded his persistence with reply. “Bad day, okay? And you are correct. The American comments and jokes do get old.” She checked him out in the mirror. A smile cracked his face, quickly extinguished.
“Well, I was rather enjoying the silent treatment, but now that I see you’ve forgiven me, I should like to ask. What sort of girl chooses to drive a cab in a megalopolis such as London?”

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