Visual Effects Society Awards Show

“On Our Way To The Awards…My Escort and Me”

Photo by C London
Seems like whenever I’m inspired to add a new blog, it has something to do with a new experience or place. Well today my friend is no different.I had the opportunity to attend a real Hollywood awards show last night (February 11th)…the Visual Effect Society (VES) 5th Annual Awards. All the biggies in special effects were there. (And here you thought the Emmy’s was the only show in town!) It was held in the Grand Ballroom of the Kodak Theater (yes, the same venue as the Academy Awards) Champagne reception began on the terrace at Five. Upon arrival a veritable sea of black tuxed mostly men was spread out before my eyes standing about in small knots, schmoozing, laughing, fidgeting. (yeah, even Hollywood is nervous before awards are handed out.)I hung out near the VES paper background. You know, that area where photographs of the well know are taken before entry into an event. Bright canister lights mounted on black stalks were focused on the advertising backdrop. I sipped my bubbly whilst black and white uniformed wait people swept by, offering me everything from mini pizza slices to two-inch cheeseburgers to crab cakes to stuffed mushrooms. Most I waved off. (calories and focus diverted elsewhere) My eyes riveted to the halo of lights, I watched the mixing of techies in tuxedos with their brethren who have escaped the anonymity of CGI (Computer Graphics Imaging) work and risen into public view.If you are a techie dweeb, you may have recognized some of the lesser known pundits: Eric Roth, Jeffrey Okun, John Lasseter and Dennis Muren. All these guys are giants in the CGI world. Even the uninitiated eye would have picked out John Landis and George Lucas…maybe even Steve Wozniak of Apple fame. Here nor there, in my book. Was it a thrill to see all these guys?…you bet. Was I just a wee bit disappointed that the promised Gerard Butler was a no show…definitely. He was to be a presenter, advertised on his website for days. Surely the fact that he has to be in Berlin for the world wide premiere of his upcoming epic film, 300, by Tuesday wouldn’t have kept him away. After all what guy wouldn’t lunge at the chance to stand under the hot lights with a few hundred other guys in monkey suits all evening right before jumping on a red eye to fly twelve hours in order to stand under some more hot lights and pose? Seems to me it ought to be well within the job requirements of these folks the public seems to view as automatons/icons to look perfectly coiffed and hot as a jalapeno anywhere around the world at the drop of a hat.It’s Okay, Gerry. I forgive you this time. But we’re doing coffee at Starbuck when you get back to L.A. After all…you owe me *wink*Seriously though folks, if you read any of my stuff, you’ll know that I stand up for the humanity of the celebs. They get the raw end of things more often than even I can imagine when it comes to humane hours and job requirements. And this particular celeb goes far above and beyond any other I’ve ever heard or read about to not only produce quality work on screen, but to respect his fan base. Each one is treated as though she (yeah, until 300 is out, they are mostly “shes”) is the only person in the room when his eyes are fixed on her. So Gerry…thanks for steering me to the awards. It was a night where I felt like Cinderella at the ball (Did I mention the hot Brit I sat next to and the great conversation we had about London?….if you’re visiting my blog, here’s a *wink* for you as well) And while we’re at it…the other VES committee members I didn’t see: James Cameron, Danny DeVito, Ron Howard, Samuel L. Jackson et el… Great evening!
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