“We Make Marines” – Marine Corp Recruiting Depot Graduation


Please indulge this proud mama–My daughter is Series Commanding Officer at Marine Corp Recruiting Depot, Parris Island, South Carolina.

Today was the FIRST graduation ceremony over which she presided as Commanding Officer—her two platoons of female recruits  (and their male fellow recruits) became Marines.  DSCN4747


About “Series Commander” :    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Series_commander
She has responsibility and authority over approx 100 female marine recruits and their nine Drill Instructors. (There are two platoons of female recruits,  six to eight platoons of men)

“We make Marines by recruiting quality young men and women and transforming them through the foundations of rigorous basic training, our shared legacy, and a commitment to our core values, preparing them to win our nation’s battles in service to the country.”


About Parris Island:  http://www.mcrdpi.marines.mil

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