The Power of Romance Fiction

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What?? Romance??

I write novels about contemporary real life women. Because I focus on a developing relationship between a man and a woman, my works gets categorized as “romance”. No Barbara Cartland or Danielle Steele, today’s modern romance novels have kick butt heroines who stand quite nicely on their own two feet. Often, as is so true of today’s woman, we are not so much looking for a “Mr. Right” as we are to self-actualize. We are 100% independent beings that know how to run our lives. We deserve everything we want in a relationship. Did you catch that word—“want”? Not need…want. We deserve to be happy, satisfied, safe and equal to the men in our lives. That means solvency and safety for our children and us.

Along comes someone who challenges our sensibilities, make’s us widen our paradigm, look at the world through his eyes. We are intrigued. And like most ‘together’ women, we struggle to take that step of commitment to our future—together. At the bottom of it all lies hope. Women who unite with a man are exhibiting the most profound meaning of this word. We are saying “if we work together, we can get through any challenge.”

If you think these tales are for women only, you’d be missing out on some of the finest storytelling available today. From thriller to suspense, to paranormal, to adventure, to historical, to trendy contemporary, my colleagues and I write stories to inspire, thrill, educate, titillate and just plain entertain. Must be why our readership is 15% male and growing. Men are recognizing the value of participating in a book that will do everything for them any other well-written piece of modern fiction does with the extra-added allure of sizzling sex and realistic emotions.

“All a fantasy?” Perhaps. Like most good fiction, the world is displayed in brighter shades, the people are stronger, better looking, more talented than the man and woman on the street. What form of entertainment doesn’t use sweeping brush strokes to paint its picture? What fictional story written does not have the potential to inspire, uplift and educate unlike any daily news? We are creatures of habit and the mendacity of day to day. When love’s challenge enters our lives we find more reasons to breathe than ever existed before. New love is exhilarating. It is a high experienced nowhere else in life. It is real, but it does not last—in that form.

All love mellows, it tempers into comfortable warmth like the fire that flames bright, burning into the beauty of ember’s glow. It is this time-tested well-worn familiarity that comforts and upholds us through the day to day of our lives. Those of us who are lucky enough to have a partner with which to walk the path know the intrinsic worth of the mellowing.

When the bills pile high, the kids have the flu and the roof is leaking, it helps to remember the excitement of love when it was new. When the only person and responsibility was the beloved and hours could melt away in each other’s arms. In the world of the book, the reader can re-ignite, re-experience this time and place bringing it forward into the present. If the reader has not experienced it, the telling of the tale brings hope to move forward into the ‘What if?”.

In today’s romance novel there are heroes and heroines of all age brackets because love is not just for the young. It is for now and always. It happens in the midst of a thriller, a vampire hunt, historical regency England, on the quest to solve a murder or in middle town America between a widower and the new gal in town. It is a reflection of what it has always been—the height of humanity and a look at us at our best (and worst struggling to get there).

So I challenge you. If you are reticent to spread your wings and read a different sub genre of romance novel, pick one up. Only then can you truly comment on what the uninitiated might call pulp fiction.

Christine London

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  1. Vonnie Alto says:

    I never thought of romance and its many subgenres as pulp fiction. How very interesting!Blog Tourist #8432

  2. Adrienne says:

    Tour Member #2564Great blog post and a great rally cry for romance!

  3. Victoria says:

    I'm going to be following your advice and reading a genre I normally wouldn't when I get through the stack I have piled up. I always give a book 100 pages so I'm sure I'll figure out if I like this genre fairly fast. Thank you. I'm #8060

  4. PD Singer says:

    Good morning! Love the instructions for tea.

  5. Amy S. says:

    Great post! Blog participation # is 8038.

  6. Ellie says:

    I just registered for the prizes. Good luck to all! Blog Participant #6848

  7. Vonnie- Folks who haven’t read or discovered how great a good romance is still believe some of the old urban legend bodice ripper reputation unfortunately. Often these are men. What wonderful reads they are missing.Adrienne – You betcha!!Victoria- Hope you choose from a sub genre and theme you enjoy. Like any genre, one may have to look awhile to find the authors that ‘speak’ to them. So if you read suspense, mystery, historical…find a romance with that as theme. I love Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series as a great way to break in. Such beautiful command of language and story are in each.PD- Aren’t they fun? My webmistress put those up on the blog whilst I was away in the UK researching on Isle of Skye for my work in Progress. They do make me smile. JAmy- Thanks for dropping by!Ellie- Good luck to you as well!Best,Christine London

  8. Wilma says:

    That was an interesting post. My participation # is 8129.

  9. Lorenzo says:

    Lorenzo is watching with much anticipation

  10. Hi Christine! great post!Jaseblog tourist 2267

  11. Kathrin says:

    Hallöchen Christine,what a nice surprise to meet you @ the 1RE blog tour, and how funny you'd be talking about picking up another genre of romance. Day before yesterday, while surfing around I happened onto your book "Soul In His Eyes". Intrigued by the synopsis, I bought it right off the bat, although it's not the kind of book I usually read. Read the first chapter last night and can't wait to continue… Life's full of strange coincidences sometimes, isn't it?All the best,Kathrin#109PS: Had I known you have so many free reads out I'd have held of a bit first to get through them 😉 So it's something to look forward to.

  12. Great Blog,,,jsut stopping by to support my fellow tour stops :)Dominique Eastwick Stop #6

  13. Blanche says:

    Great post!!blog participant #2919

  14. Niki Chanel says:

    Christine, your blog makes me realize some people might be addicted to that feeling of new love and as it wans into the more mellow experience, they think they are falling OUT of love… and move on. Sad. But fascinating! Life just keeps on being a mystery.Love your posts.

  15. Hales says:

    What a great post. I love the comparison of subgenres as pulp fiction!I forgot my number though

  16. Deb830 says:

    Happy anniversary and hello Christine. Great blog and I'll take your advice and read a different sub genre in Romance. deb ;0)#7940

  17. *yadkny* says:

    Hi Christine,I have to say that I agree with you on trying different sub genres. That's always been important to me to try something different. Even if I don't like it at least I can say that I tried it.Blog Tour Participant #:

  18. Amber Scott says:

    I love that you say what women want, not just need. Why settle? And why close ourselves off to only young love, right?Great post!#8247

  19. Maria says:

    Thanks for the great post. I agree that we do have to challenge ourselves as readers too and read works in other genres that we might not be as comforatble with. I try to do that every 3-4 books so that I don't get burned out on reading romance.My participant #4394

  20. Cathy M says:

    Great post. "Love is for always", is a perfect participant #7923

  21. Wilma, Jase, Lorenzo, Dominique and Blanche–thanks for stopping by. Kathrin- You honour me *blush*. Hope you continue to enjoy Soul In His Eyes (in spite of all the free reads on my website..lolNiki- Addicted to love…or falling in love. Such a shame there are so many who never get past the initial rush.Hales- I think it is the unfortunate myth that romances are still all formulaic and bodice rippers that has emblazoned it in too many minds as pulp fiction (and not of the John Travolta, Maria and Yadkny- indeed, why allow yourself to be cut off from other romantic possibilities?Amber- why settle… surely, and young love is great, but the more mature variety is just as wonderful. There ought to be more novels with folks over 40, 50, 60. I think as the nation grays there will be. So many fine stories happen to those with a few more miles on the treads.Christine London

  22. Victoria says:

    Hey Christine – I read paranormal romance so I thought I'd try an historical romance. Like you said, I should stay close to what I know I like. Thank you.

  23. marcieo says:

    Great blog post! I have even seen romance blended wonderfully into horror/para so well that you were in tears or laughing in alternate parts. Love definitely should be part of any genre (at least according to me), and a great writer can blend it in and make it beautiful.#5532

  24. Donna says:

    I love today's romance novels and as an unpublished writer I applaud your blog post. I love a kick ass heroine and a strong hero who is willing to submit to her at night and even be willing to do a school car pool wihtout whinning.I lover thrillers and mysteries, so I expect them to also be able to sovle crime and keep the world from ending any time soon. Happy Anniversary 1RE5321

  25. As the owner of a Romance Website, I applaud your position on Romance and the literary expression of it through the vast selection of romantic reads available today…! In fact, I would be happy to post what you've written on my site, complete with a link back to you!#7905

  26. Great post!~Nicole#7976

  27. Melissa says:

    Great Post! I actually have picked up a different sub genre of romance to read lately. I usually read historical, so I picked up a contemporary. I am liking it so far. Of course, that just means more books to buy! LOL! Blog Participant #2197

  28. Janice says:

    How true. I loved your article very uplifting. :)my number #8294

  29. joder says:

    I totally agree with your view of why we readromance. It's an escape and relaxation to read romances. And I'm so thrilled by how far heroines have come through the years. Their strength is empowering.Tour participant #228

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. Hi, Christine!Pulp fiction, huh? Pretty cool. That was a GREAT article. You got right to the heart of it. I bet you'll have people flocking to buy every kind of romance book, now. Way to go, girl!Before I forget: my "Blog Tour Participant" number is: 8032.So…we also get a chance to win a free copy of one of your books? That is SO awesome of you to do that! That really adds to the fun of this "Blog Tour"!cyndelouwho22(at)gmail(dot)comGod bless the rest of your week and I hope all is going well for you.See you next time,CyndeCynde's Got The Write Stuff

  32. Wow! Really very well said. I have to laugh about "all those folks" who say they NEVER read romance, and then of course romance is read 5 times more often than other genres!

  33. Babyblue22 says:

    Great Post!! I love reading different genres! So I think it's a great idea!Participant #

  34. Brandlwyne says:

    I love all kinds of books not just romance. My # is 6997.Thanks,

  35. I really enjoyed your post Christine. The blog tour has been fun! 🙂

  36. Lisa says:

    I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on Romance, you made many interesting points and really made me think.Tour Member (Participant Number) #5002

  37. alma says:

    Great blog. I like reading different types of genres, just to see if I like that genre or not. It's like food try something new every time, think outside the box.

  38. Leni says:

    I read different types of romance and it is always a great discovery when I read a new sub-genre.I've gotten some of my friends to try them and it makes for great discussion.Blog Tour #2291

  39. RED says:

    Great post! I'm glad to have discovered you on this tour.I'm #8331

  40. Sandy Nicks says:

    Hi Christine – I loved your post! It was excellent & right on target! I write romance, but also sprinkle in suspense & humor. The heroines are always strong & don't "need" the hero – they "want him" 🙂 In addition to reading romance, I read a variety of genres, but even the other genres sneak romance in there – LOL Have a great night! I'm putting Sunninghill Snow on my TBR list – love the cover!

  41. lrwirum says:

    Loved reading your post. I completely agree about reading different things. I love to read as way to have time "away" in a way. 🙂 I am always willing to try a different genre at least once to see if it will be something I like and most of the time it turns out that I do enjoy it. Larena #294

  42. stacey says:

    I love trying all types of romance.Stacey 8156sasluvbooks(at)

  43. Wow all, I an overwhelmed by your support and enthusiasm. Thanks so much!Donna- Keep on writing girl. If you love the genre you'll get there all while having a blast immersing yourself in a beautiful world of your own design.Romance Goddess- I would be honoured for you to repost this on your site. Go for it!Janice- I am touched you felt this post uplifting. It is one of the four main goals I have in all my writing pursuits- to uplift, inspire, educate and entertain. Thanks for the comment.Cynde- I feel like we have made a real connection this blog tour. Thank you for your kind following and words.Alma- we strive to tell stories that are a bit outside the box. Not so far that they are not I love every one of my characters and feel I'd like to have a chat over coffee with many of them. It's kind of a writer's psychosis. :)Leni- Yeah–more readers groups should discuss romance tales. It would be such fun.Red- Glad you found me too! Please leave notes for me whenever you fancy. My contact info is all on my website "contact" page. I love to hear from readers/new friends.Sandy- Glad to hear Sunninghill Snow attracted your eye. It was a blast to write. Set in a semi rural bit of heaven outside London, it is a real winter's holiday treat. The cover was produced by my webmistress/digital designer friend, her professional photographer hubby and myself. We are so fortunate to have a small press that is open to looking at good cover art work. Thanks for the compliment!Christine London

  44. Becca Dale says:

    Pulp fiction – this made me laugh as the movie forever ruined my image of the term, but I agree that romance has evolved greatly over the last twenty years. #8047

  45. Sarah says:

    Interesting and thoughtful post. #8332

  46. Beth says:

    Very interesting post. Going to save the link so I can read it again later.participant #8001

  47. Kim S. says:

    Great post Christine! It sure gives some of us something to think about! I think I've read pretty much all genre's of romance, as I love all things romance!! ;)Have a sunny summer everyone! :)My number is 7936.

  48. Carol L. says:

    What an interesting post. I enjoyed it very much. I try to read as many genre's as I can so I know that I've at least done so.And yes, in twenty years Romance has changed very much.Carol L.Lucky4750@aol.comI'm # 6916

  49. I enjoyed reading this post; it was great.Thanks,Tracey DBlog Participant #240

  50. Armenia says:

    There are so many genres out there, but I find that I mostly love romance. To me its the most satisfying. Great post, btw.#2251

  51. great post. I myself am a big fan of romance. great job1#7871

  52. loves2read says:

    I like your advice about picking a genre you normally wouldn't read. That's what I love about free reads that authors put on their websites. It gives a new reader a glimpse of what they could expect of that genre and author. I'm pretty open to all genres and usually give a book a chance before putting it aside. I've only ever come across less than five books that I couldn't finish reading for one reason or another.#695

  53. Interesting post.Gabrielle #8226

  54. I have been blessed with an open mind and have read many subgenres within romance. It's great to be alive as a writer in this day and age – so many possibilities… Uncle Moose, #7991

  55. kaisquared says:

    What a well written post, Christine! I am having trouble thinking of a genre I haven't tried. I enjoy some more than others, but as I tell the skeptical, think of each genre as a new cuisine and sample it, it may be more to your taste than you think. And mellow is a great place to be, almost 25 years on….Mary M.#765

  56. Tanya says:

    Thanks for explaining that romance has different sub genres.. Tanya #4335

  57. Anonymous says:

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  58. Anonymous says:

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