West Hollywood Book Faire…quite a day!

West Hollywood Book Fair

Photo by C London

So I went to the West Hollywood Book Fair Sunday Sept 30th. I don’t mean as a casual reader or lazy Sunday adventurer in search of something to entertain. I went as an author, a participant, a junior celebrity.

Six a.m. came early. Had to get there and help my group set up. We were seven authors strong, each of us excited at the prospect of being included in such a large, well attended event focusing on books. The day began cool, but quickly blazed with intense Indian Summer sun. Our booth was wedged between an Adult toys vendor and the ACLU….an interesting place to be. Across the aisle (grassy aisle…we were all outdoors covered by open sided canvas tent-ettes) was an author of a gay fiction romp. He was a hoot, very helpful and entertaining. He steered folks to us, and we him.

Being a pushy broad, when incited, (no…not excited…incited!) I joined the other outgoing member of our small brigade and walked the grass around our booth, pressing promotional cd’s of the first chapter of my Phaze release, Sunninghill Snow, into the hands of passing book entusiasts. I, having the least racey title, was quite a popular pick for freebies. Favorite comment? “Are you really HER, or are you just some model stand in?”

Ohhh…another good one…actually quite a complement “I thought your were British” Guess I’ve got them fooled. I must write Brit pretty convincingly. LOL!

One shave ice and four bottles of water later, I wilted for a brief time, strolling two booths down to appraise the queue that was stretched half a block. Following the cast of characters with my eyes (you do get some interesting folks in West Hollywood) to the front of the line, I saw what…or should I say WHO was drawing the crowd. Mr. Gore Vidal was signing. Wearing mens dress shirt and woolen sports coat, I knew he wouldn’t last too long in the heat. It was great being located so close to such a big draw. Sure enough, he disappeared in short order.

Back to the booth, Will Belegon, fellow Phaze author, was stretched out on our make-shift lounge bemoaning being the only “token” male author. Oh poor Will must suffer our bevy of hot erudite women. He was quite tongue in cheek…knows he’s got it good! Our other beauties? Ms. Eden Bradley, Bantam author of The Dark Garden and The Darker Side Of Pleasure with multi contracted books to come, Ellora’s Cave’s Lillian Fiesty, Phazes’ (and other pubs) Jax Crane, Phaze’s Stephanie Vaugh and Jade Falconer. At other booths I was excited to see James Buchanan from Phaze and NAL’s Romantic comedy author of Monkey Love and Monkey Star, Brenda Scott Royce. Whoo hoo…we made a real presence and quite a draw. One of my male friends said he overheard some guys saying…”Go over to that booth there are a bunch of beautiful women.” Well…don’t know how many romance book sales that comment might generate, but we did have a big draw, lots of inquiries and some really nice people asking about our work.

Most entertaining? Hmmm…a tie between the two six foot five cheerleaders in drag and the three gay bell boys…wearing nothing but pink and yellow striped spandex skin tight shorts and pill box hats. They were promoing a gay youtube site. Oh my!

A festive upbeat mood seemed to waft through the air. Everyone was in a mellow frame of mind out for a lovely Sunday with other people who love books. And what better combination of ingredients?

This morning? Feel like I was struck by a bus, but I’m glad I went. A great time was had by all.

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