West Hollywood Hosts a Huge Bookfaire

Early Autumn and so the West Hollywood Book Fair rolls around again. This year was quieter, more subdued than last. Is it the struggling economy or merely some quirk? Fewer attendees, less silly glitz, the day had an air of refinement, openess that was lacking before. Twenty thousand can’t be wrong. This is a mega bookfaire. Those folks that dropped by the booth were genuine and interested, most asking how we “California Erotica Authors” were associated.

A loose confederation of colleagues, three of our four participants had met through a common publisher, Phaze Books. All authors of spicy romance, we supported each other throughout the day manning our sumptuously decorated booth. Harem pillows and mattress on the ‘floor’, silken scarves festooned about and a beautiful kimono adorning the back wall, we faced the crowds with cheerful disposition.

Author Donna George Storey flew in from Northern California to inform readers about her debut novel. Originally released as part of Orion’s Neon erotica line in the UK, Amorous Woman is the story of an American woman’s love affair with Japan and her sensual encounters with the sexy men and women she meets along the way. This modern remake of Ihara Saikaku’s classic 17th century novel of the pleasure quarters is said to often change views of the Land of the Rising Sun—and erotica.

Fellow Phaze author (and my editor) Will Belegon was particularly excited about the Coming Together series of anthologies he has helped bring to fruition. Caught in the wildfires of San Diego with but a garden hose in hand to save his house, he was moved to propel “Coming Together Under Fire” to publication in record-breaking time to benefit victims of said fires and the first responders. Also popular to the sensibilities of this eclectic crowd was the “Coming Together With Pride”; an anthology benefiting Aids and HIV research.

Romance Writers Of America colleague and president of the local chapter, Eden Bradley helmed the booth with her knowledge and large backlist of New York published erotic novels often focusing on the BDSM community and its positive influence in participant’s lives. Her upcoming release, Forbidden Fruit toys with the notion that “Sometimes the forbidden…is irresistible”. That October release can’t come quickly enough for the readers that were coming by the booth asking.

Apparently my electronic books have plotlines that intrigue, as many picked up free first chapter sneak peeks to savor at home …and come back for more. Sunninghill Snow’s intriguing cover brought the male audience over, its racy provocative portrait apparently particularly pleasing to the eye. My upcoming October 13th release Before You Say Goodbye, with its London setting, coaxed Anglophiles from the woodwork as they asked “which has more spicy influence…Christine or the city?” Truth be know, this novel of suspense and mystery will get you to thinking how far you might go to save the man you love. Is it worth betraying your country?

Digital artist Alex Kent and author Niki Chanel were on hand offering peeks of author websites and fun observations. One graphic artist lingered quite a time talking to her of her excellent eye.

Science Fiction icon, Ray Bradbury, generated perhaps the longest queue of readers seeking autographs. Nearly ninety years of age, Mr. Bradbury still speaks with razor wit, using metaphorical descriptions to lead his listeners along his autobiographical path to success.

Aren’t you in the neighborhood to pick up a pretty rainbow pen, enter the drawing for a free book or take home some spicy literary canapés?

Here’s you fingertip connections:

Donna George Storey: http://donnageorgestorey.com/
Will Belegon: http://www.myspace.com/willbelegon
Eden Bradley: http://www.edenbradley.com/books.html
Christine London: www.christinelondon.com
Niki Chanel: http://nikichanel.com

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  1. Donna says:

    Hey Christine–it was wonderful to meet you and be part of our exotic, erotic international booth at WeHo! Your book covers definitely caught the wandering male gaze (and mine, too) and I’m looking forward to your new novel 🙂

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