What More Horrific Than the Death of Your Child? Six Sentence Sunday

When We Were Amazing is about a lot of life transitions—a boy grows into a man, keeping secrets, ostensibly to save, drunk driving death of a spouse, the passing of a parent. But nowhere under heaven is there anything more horrific—the loss of your baby before your eyes.

This week’s SIX:


In the delighted tunnel vision of a small child,  three year old Livvie bolts into the street. This, the horrified reaction of her mother. When I wrote this scene, tears streamed down my face—the ineffable connection all mothers have to their child shattered my heart. How the world would cease if the unthinkable were to happen before a mother’s eyes.


She froze, blood turning to ice in her veins. Power unknown shot through her. Muscles fired
to life propelling her forward. She was at the front bumper of the white sedan before she could
take another breath. Hands on the hood, she pushed with the strength of heaven. The car rolled
back, and Livvie’s crumpled form appeared, an unnatural twisting of limbs, clothing, hair.

But like a china doll, Livvie lay motionless, broken.


When tragedy nearly destroys Brian’s family wine business, can this reluctant young heir forfeit his dreams and online love?



Book Cover by Delilah K Stephans

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5 Responses to What More Horrific Than the Death of Your Child? Six Sentence Sunday

  1. Very powerful six. I totally agree that there is nothing more horrific than losing – even thinking of losing a child. Even though my children are 'grown up', I still dream that I lose them in crowds, in the sea etc..

  2. Christine,I shuddered at the image you portrayed, while praying I, or no one I know, ever has to experience such fear. Motherhood is powerful, and you definitely captured it.

  3. This scene still haunts me to this day. No matter how many times I have read it, I shudder, often tear up and feel the adrenaline course through me.

  4. Megan Johns says:

    You have portrayed a really powerful scene, Christine. I think any mother will be touched by this

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