Xerophilous – Are You Capable of surviving in a hot dry climate?

Not only am I capable, I absolutely whither in the cold and rain. Actually it is not so much the wet stuff. Rather it is the low light levels day in and out that bring about what has been dubbed “S.A.D.”, or Seasonal Affected Disorder.

There are a fair percentage of people so effected. ( prevalence in the U.S. ranging from 1.4% in Florida to 9.7% in New Hampshire. ) Most often this severe case of the blues is a winter event. Shorter days and gray skies are the culprits.

However, if you are someone who live on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, and you are not a vampire, you just may find yourself pulling the covers back over your head more often than is healthy – year round.

It has been argued that SAD is an evolutionary adaption in humans that is a variant or remnant of a hibernation response in some remote ancestor.

As a resident of Los Angeles, I happily, no longer suffer. My year in the great Northwest was not so merry.

Image Courtesy freedigitalphotos.net

Here in the land of sunshine, residents are at little risk of falling low on their Vitamin D stores. Even those of us who have indoor jobs can gaze out brightened windows and doge outside for tea or a coffee break. Weekends are meant for outdoors and the pleasure of a daily walk, bike ride or other form of workout is available year round.

I remember as a teenager feeling as though I were plugged into some great recharger when I sat poolside during summer vacation. Like a warm blooded reptile, I basked. The more sunshine, the great energy. So true to this day as I take my morning coffee beneath a sun umbrella at the table on my patio.

Do you need a daily dose of sun?

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