“Y” is for Yellow

“They call me mellow yellow.” -Donovon

Have you noticed that many town’s fire departments have traded in the classic red fire engine for a neon yellow model?

image courtesy freedgitalphotos.net

Even in low light or at a distance, yellow can be seen better than any other colour.

Yellow is also associated with optimism and cheerfulness. A yellow tone painted on walls suggests sunlight in a dim room or hallway. The highest quality pencils were originally made in China–yellow in homage to their Emperor Huang Ti. Yes–we copied this quality right down to the sunny jacket. Cabs are yellow for the same reason fire engines have gone that route–seen well at a distance.

image courtesy freedgitalphotos.net

Mankind’s roots have us hardwired to associate yellow with the sun and daytime when we could go forth, gather food and keep ourselves safer from what lurks in the shadows and night.

The limonoids in lemons help fend off cancer. Bananas? – a good source of Dietary Fiber, Vitamin C, Potassium and Manganese, and a very good source of Vitamin B6.

Post it notes? Uh, sorry—not originally yellow because it makes them easier to see. There was a surplus of yellow scrap paper at the 3M plant.

image courtesy freedgitalphotos.net







Add yellow into your life to lift your spirits and colour your world optimistic.

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One Response to “Y” is for Yellow

  1. Cami Brite says:

    I love that we both did yellow! It’s such a happy color. Have a great day!

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