“Z” for Zealous


Ardent, enthusiastic, eager, fervent, keen, earnest

 These synonyms for zealous sum up what I have gained from this month-long blogging challenge. The expectation that one is to write everyday, and not just drivel, but something coherent through which readers might gain insight, inspiration or entertainment has been a real joy. The very exercise has reignited my appreciation for the intricacies of words and the nearly infinite possible avenues to pursue when dealing with them.

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What are the origins of this word ‘zealous’?

From the Greek ‘zelos’, the word has a close linking to ‘intensity’ and ‘passion’. Used with a capital letter, “Zealot”  refers to a person—a member of a radical warlike, ardently patriotic group of Jews in Judea, particularly prominent  from A.D. 69 to 81, advocating the violent overthrow of Roman rule and vigorously resisting the efforts of the Romans to heathenize the Jews.

In this ancient context the term takes on the connotation of ‘fanatic’ or overbearing zeal. How so also the modern ‘fan’ that goes to extreme lengths to admire the object of his passion.

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Such scourge as paparazzi would not exist if it were not for the demand of a society that puts their actors, athletes and musicians on a pedestal. Not content to leave them there, the modern fan has an insatiable hunger to know every detail, every facet of the celebrity’s life so much so that the very definition of celebrity has come to mean a loss of privacy.

Modern day zealots may no longer cheer death in the arena, but the demand they create through their need to intrude in the lives of those they admire takes away a fundamental human right. The right to privacy.

Those of you who follow my blog regularly know that I occasionally attend Hollywood events and blog about them. In the glare of the floodlights on the red carpet celebrities expect to be photographed.

image by C London

They are in their working mode there.

My readers also know that I do not and will never take photographs that are not under the umbrella of these public-persona situations. ‘Nuff said.

When it comes to our personal lives, our hearts, it is zeal and zeal alone that will see you through any dark winter of the soul. Anything worth having or doing is going to take consistent effort to achieve. The structure of this world requires payment for all the good stuff. If you want to succeed at anything you will have to give it all that you can give. Every day of your life whether a small step or giant leap, pursuing your dream will take ongoing work. Every step, no matter how small, moves you in the direction of good. Even the mistakes and setbacks are all part of the trail. So you best have enthusiasm to stoke you for the road.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, it is the journey and not the destination. This is a reminder to enjoy all of life with zeal.  I certainly have enjoyed this twenty six blog adventure through the alphabet and thank you for allowing me the pleasure of your company.

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Until next time—whatever your dream, enjoy the journey.


image by L. Monterosa

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